Your perfect/ideal profile?

Good morning everyone!

I’m Natalie, one of the Product Managers here at Tutorful. I’m reaching out to you today to understand from your perspective, what does your perfect profile look like both on the search results page (🎓 Tutorful - Top 6907 Online Tutors From £15/hr) and once a customer has clicked into it from the search results page?

What do you like about the way your profile is displayed? What do you believe is missing or would like to change on your profile? Have you looked at or used other tutoring websites that do things differently that you preferred?

I’m reaching out for feedback because we always want to make sure that when we are looking at ways to improve our product, we’re asking for the opinions of the people who will benefit the most, which is you!

If you’d rather have a chat with me about it, please let me know and we can arrange a quick chat to discuss in more detail!

Thank you as always for your very valued opinion and feedback, it is important to us and we appreciate your time!

Have a great day!



Sorry to put this initial dampener on your investigations. Tutors are the wrong people to ask. Students and their parents are the right people to ask.

Now that I have started here is a bigger dampener.
When I click that link I get a screen with a big red number …6,908 Turors
And a prominent Black number… 12,000 + Tutors

These numbers are not compatible - its a bad first impression to any numerate readers who …errrrr read the screen.

I actually wrote to Tutorful some weeks ago to point out this issue.
No reply was received from Tutorful and I see now that no action was taken.
The post above looks like just another exercise to tell me that my views are highly valued & important & appreciated.

What Tutorful have created here is a community comprising hundreds of active tutors. Lets think for a moment about the massive amount of skills and experience contained within such a community. Think about the advice that that those tutors are able to willing to and wish to give.

Tutorful - its a resource not available to your competitors.
Use it wisely

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One thing I would like to be improved is the availability. I don’t really keep mine up to date because it takes such a long time to coordinate my schedule between my work and university calendars. I would love some feature which could help us use just one calendar and it would update in tutorful automatically. I use google calendars and it would be great to just mark some availability on there for it to be updated without having to do it manually.

Another thing with the availability is that I feel most students don’t really look at the availability at all. I would like it to be moved down the profile and not take up so much space on the page or at least formatted more intuitively to encourage students to use it.

Finally the formatting of the qualifications section could be improved, at the moment it looks very empty and a little confusing, its not clear whats relevant and what grade is for which subject. It would be nice to add some other information, for example for postgraduate qualifications, adding our specialisations or thesis topics.

I would also love a ‘read-only’ mode for when my profile is offline and I want to apply to jobs via the job board, or just to share with prospective students.


Good morning Philip,

I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for raising the disparity between the big red number and the prominent black number, as I agree it is a bit confusing! Tutorful’s total numbers are over 12,000, but our current “online” tutors (tutors who are actively teaching and have not gone on a break/paused their account) are around 7,000, hence the disparity between the numbers. I agree with your point, it does look confusing, and I will take that onboard and ensure that we fix that during our work we’re undertaking in the future.

To your other point, we want tutors’ expertise on what they believe is appropriate and important to put on their profile to show themselves how they want to be seen by students and parents. By only asking students and parents, we would be missing out valuable insight into what tutors believe gives them the best chance at attracting new students and would be a one sided opinion as to what should be included on profiles.

I do very much appreciate your thoughts and opinions, and absolutely agree that the skills and experience our tutors have is an invaluable resource and want to always give you the opportunity to have a say in how we develop our products.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond!



Hi Julia!

What great feedback, thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to respond! The calendar suggestion is a really interesting one, and certainly something I will add to my list for consideration!

I agree that availability is something we should focus on, as it does seem to cause a lot of confusion for students and frustrations for tutors.

Thank you also for the qualifications section suggestion, you’ve articulated very nicely how we could improve it, and I agree that a cleaner and better formatted layout would make that section much more usable!

The ‘read-only’ mode suggestion is certainly a great idea, and I will circle that around to the product team for us to take onboard.

Thank you again for your time and suggestions, killer feedback, it is very much appreciated!



thank you for your reply and offer to work towards resolving the issue with two apparently conflicting number being presented to members of the public who have wandered into this part of cyberspace. the simplest solution would be to remove the black number.

As for profiles.
What I believe is appropriate and important to put on my profile is easy to find - read my profile.
Is it effective - not for me to say ( I have no meaningful data to allow me to compare my profile effectiveness with other profiles out there) - you need to ask customers and potential customers.

Alternatively …Perhaps those with more effective profiles get more approaches from potential customers?

If you can acquire data concerning the numbers of initial approaches made to each tutor some meaningful and conclusive analysis might be possible.

There was actually one more thing I wanted to add to this - I think that the subjects taught section could be improved or just removed entirely. At the moment, I have all different levels of mathematics from GCSE upwards, which I think probably looks confusing to someone just reading my profile, and I’m not sure how relevant including the information that I teach (for example) Maths GCSE, Further Maths GCSE, Scottish Highers Maths, Scottish Highers Statistics, Statistics GCSE, …, etc., to someone who is only interested in Maths GCSE. The subjects are used for appearing in the correct search results (I assume), however, I think that including a full list in the profile is redundant information, or at least could be shortened for readability.


Hi Julia!

Thanks so much for taking the opportunity to provide feedback, this is great! I agree that the subjects taught both from a headline perspective and the section within the profile is a bit confusing. I will certainly take this feedback and add it to my list of areas that we can improve. Thank you again for your thoughts, really great idea!


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Hi Natalie

I don’t know if this is what you meant, but here goes anyway:

I think it might well be helpful to be able to display different prices for different levels, for instance Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level (depending on how the individual tutor structures their prices).

Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Paul_B,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, that is great information! We’ve had quite a few suggestions exactly like yours from our tutors provided to our CS team, so I think that is certainly something we can look into improving.

I really appreciate your feedback, definitely a great suggestion!

Kind regards,


I’d quite like to be able to reply to feedback (even with just a thank you!).
I’m also not keen on the calendar, as I often like to have 15 minutes between sessions and students request times and it’s a bit awkward. I do like that potential clients can see which slots are busy (so they can see I’m actively working and in demand), but I don’t like when they request specific time slots.
Otherwise, I like the profile. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: Also, it would be really really useful if we could group together our student’s lessons. Sometimes I need to go back through the feedback to find something and it’s a nightmare trawling through weeks of lessons.


I think I’d agree with this. I’ve seen (and used) this option to reply to feedback on another agency’s site. It’s often just a Thank You and to wish them well, but I’d say it adds something worthwhile.


@Natalie_Tutorful, thanks for reaching out. We all appreciate it. A few thoughts from me:

  • 6907 online tutors sounds like too much choice. If you go down the customer journey analysis path (something your CX team live and breathe by), how does one figure out the appropriate tutor for themselves? When I go to Amazon, there are several filters (e.g. no. of reviews, not of 5-star reviews, distance). When I go to LinkedIn, there are skills, specialism, badges. However, 6907 tutors to choose from with no further variable to cut the data by sounds a little bit daunting. Too much choice confuses customers and we need to help them make a decision
  • There is no way of validating the actual experience of a tutor. Some websites do this by having the joined since date

Hi Natalie

i also think it would be good to give different lesson costs for different areas. A KS1 student is a whole different ballgame to an 11plus student! i also seem to get a lot of generic lesson requests which I book in and then I get no response. That’s not your fault though, I think parents possibly send a lesson request to lots of potential tutors and see what they get back!

On the whole I’m happy with my profile and the requests i get through your company.


I think different prices for different levels would be great!


Definitely a no brainer! I have had students asking for Oxbridge interview prep. for the price of 11+ lessons. And then get annoyed when I break this to them!


Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

As always, thank you so much for your feedback on the thread! I have captured the thoughts around different prices for different subjects/levels/etc. and will feed that into the various projects we have on the go at the moment!

I have also captured the feedback on filters, which is something we are actively looking into on a project we have going at the moment, great idea!

I also love the idea of validating the experience of the tutor through joined since date, I’ve added it as an idea to our project!

I really appreciate the invaluable insight you all have provided, it is truly appreciated!

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Kindest regards!



Many thanks for taking the feedback on board. Loads of love and respect for Tutorful!
@Natalie_Tutorful @Tutorful @Jess_Tutorful


I would hate using a computer based calendar. I’ve used the availability, and agree it is a pain to populate but I also have my paper based diary because I use it for personal and work and my income can come from several streams.

I use a paper weekly planner too. It’s so much easier than an online diary.

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