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Would love to start group tuition!

Hi all!

I know it’s something Tutorful don’t support with at the moment (please give us the option tutorful!!) but has anybody had any success with group tuition online?

I have taught small groups online before through a company I have worked for, and I know it can work with the right platform and plans, but my main worry is how to advertise to bring in the students. Most of my students are through tutorful, which I love because it means I don’t need to advertise, but I would love to fill some of my slots with group lessons (I can charge a lower rate, but still make more money for my time, so it’s win win!), just to progress in my tuition business, but I wouldn’t know where to start with getting students!

Any thoughts? Would it be something you would like tutorful to incorporate?


Tutorful have run it before over lockdown, and Mark (CEO) has said it’s something he’s starting up again, so watch this space!! :slight_smile: