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Who would you most like to meet?

Who, either living or historical would you most like to meet and why?

I’ll kick off, I would have loved to have met either Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. Both interestingly Theoretical Physicists, but not chosen on purpose!

Albert Einstein seems like he would have been absolutely fascinating, he was incredibly ahead of his time and isolated from the scientific community for the majority of his career - he renounced his German Citizenship at 16, a lifelong pacifist, won a Nobel peace prize and came up with quite possibly the most famous equation of all time E = mc2. His life was interesting to say the least.
I am still stupefied when reading Einstein’s work on Quantum relativity and and theories of General relativity. I would love to listen to his thoughts and see what he thought of the world today and the leaps and bounds in science.

Stephen Hawking, is arguably like Einstein, an absolute pioneer in the meaning of the universe. A genius, and a mind which I don’t think we’ll encounter again for a long time. His work and research into Gravitational singularities, has advanced human kinds understanding of the universe in ways which will allow us to continue unlocking the mysteries of space and time for generations to come. I would love to hear more about deeper space travel/colonization. He also thoroughly loved music, for which I can completely relate!

I would have love to meet them both together and hear them battle it out about blackholes (Einstein did not believe in Blackholes!) and come up with new theories and explanations together. I think I would be completely humbled, somewhat out of my depth, but come away with awe and inspiration.

How about you?


OK… I need to think about this one and come back to you… the phrase “Never meet your heroes” does often apply!


I would have loved to have met Helen Keller. The change she created in approaches to specific needs and sensory disabilities extend far beyond what she intended. She instilled in society that not only could those with additional needs succeed but equally as important at the time that girls could achieve academically.
I would love to stick a few famous philosophers in a room together and sit back to watch. Emmanuel Kant, Hume and Dawkins for a start. The entertainment value is vast. I’d love to meet Kant anyway, just because he worked on the assumption that we are all essentially good.
Sorry I know that’s slightly obscure but there you go.


So someone I would have loved to have met is David Ogilvy.

I love his books and the methods he’s outlined to define the way that the advertising world as we know it works today.

Would love to pick his brain and go through some of the anecdotes of his books - I’d learn a lot, a fascinating individual!


Yes, I’d like to meet Shakespeare although I think I may have already met him, as he seems to keep helping me in my writing. (I’m in the finishing stages of my novel).