When you are defrauded

Hello fellow Tutors,
This week I had the unpleasent experience of attending a hour and a half lesson, with the student present online, then the student cancelling the lesson whilst I was still online(1 hour 39 minutes in) saying the lesson did not happen. I know the student to be here in this country just for his masters, and is probably heading home soon. Now so far its been pretty good on the tutorful system with payments with the vast majority of people being honest etc.
Tutorful we need a detailed attendence register (hopefully blockchained) as the true loser to far more than the tune of my fee was yourselves with my trust in your system.

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Hi Tony,

Really sorry to hear that happened to you, but you should be okay. Tutorful record the lessons, so if you contact them then they will be able to see that you were online with the student.

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As it turns out the Student concerned has said he did not cancel the lesson, blames tutorful and says I should contact them

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From my understanding there are several protections that Tutorful offer against missing payment, and the student shouldn’t be able to cancel a session without your approval that late (or request a refund for a missed lesson without your confirmation).

Was it an online session and did you sign into the classroom or just use another software?

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It was an online session. The student claims to me that there was no cancellation or problem and to talk to tutorful. I was presented with a short window which I thought was unclear and did not understand the context for it to which I agreed. My point is there is nothing to verify the attendence of the lesson to all parties.

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Have you contacted the support team? There is a way of verifying the attendance of the lesson. The lessons are recorded by Tutorful, so they will be able to see that you and the student were online.

I am also a bit puzzled about how the lesson was cancelled when it was live. You can’t do that (at least on the website you can’t; you might be able to via the app, but I’ve never tried that). If you (or the student) want to cancel a lesson after it has started you can only do so retrospectively. You have to wait until the lesson time has expired and then manually issue a refund to the student afterwards. In short, it’s not possible (on the website) to cancel a lesson while it’s happening!

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If they’ve agreed it happened and you have a record of them saying so then that is as good as anything. If it was in the classroom they will have a record of attendance and recording of the session as well. Contact support and see if they can do anything with that information.

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Ho Tony,

So sorry this happened to you. I can say this has also happened to me but the problem was resolved and I got paid thankfully.

This is what I do. Everytime a child is late to any online lesson, I always take a picture of the online classroom where I am present in with the time shown on my laptop.
This is to show any evidence.

Also, if the child/parent is saying the lesson did not happen, then your account will say whether it was completed on not and Tutorful has recordings so that will be in your favour.

Hope this gets sorted for you.

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I’m sorry that happened to you!
I had an issue ages ago with a student basically trying to scam me out of an hours free tuition. It’s a long story, but I kept in touch with tutorful as soon as I suspected a scam, and kept them updated. I think he basically just wanted to get some work marked and guidance about what to revise, for free.
Tutorful had lots of evidence from me keeping in touch with them, and they made sure I was paid. He also left me a scathing review, and they removed it because they had evidence of exactly what he had done. They handled it brilliantly. It was back when I started tutoring privately, and I was so glad to have their support (one of the reasons I only use this platform now for my private tutoring).


Tutorful to their credit are handling this well but I suspect the student says one thing to me and another to them


Keep all the records (emails and texts) and send them through to tutorful. That should be enough to help them see what is going on.

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Hi all,

Great to read all the brilliant advice given by everyone on this thread! :smiley:

@Tony I’m really sorry to hear this happened during one of your lessons. From your most recent message, it sounds as though you are already in contact with our support team, which is definitely the right thing to do!

Just so you know, we are able to see when a student and tutor have both entered the classroom. Also, if a student cancels midway through a session, you are able to charge in full. This is outlined in our cancellation policy here.

We will also ask for any evidence to show that the session went ahead in case the student disputes the lesson charge! These can be screenshots of any correspondance you have had with the student in relation to the lesson or any work covered during the session.

Best wishes,

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