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What's the point of Tutorful?

I have been with Tutorful for a couple of years and, like many others, don’t understand Tutorful’s new direction…

However… I’ve had an issue and a quick phone call to Tutorful (thank you so much Lewis :grin:) and it’s resolved within 30 minutes and I remember why I chose to join Tutorful…

Let’s hope the new direction doesn’t detract from their fabulous tutor support :grin: but it is much appreciated!


Personally, I’m excited about the new direction: if it brings in more students and gives us more choice, I’m all for it!

Let’s give them a chance before we completely write it off…


The direction makes sense in my view.

  • Tutorful are carving out their identity as a best-in-class online tutoring provider. This attracts clients from all across the country, esp. in rural areas where it is not easy to find local, F2F tutors. Students will be faced with the choice of either continuing with local F2F tutors (using other portals) or trying out potentially higher quality tutors from an easily accessible pool of online tutors using a seamless online classroom. This arguably brings in more revenue. Call this A

  • Most people are saying that Tutorful gets less enquiries from F2F students because they are online-only. This could be slightly wrong. If you Google for tutors with your local area name (e.g. Maths tutor Richmond), you will get Tutorful’s link displaying ‘Maths Tutors in Richmond Upon Thames - 620 Tutors From …’. When you click on it, you will get local tutors under the banner of ’ Here is a selection of our online Maths tutors in Richmond Upon Thames’. So the functionality of local tutors is somewhat retained. If some tutors are not getting enough enquiries because of being pushed down the listing, then someone else is, who also pay a commission to TF. You could argue that people may not Google with the local area name in which case, I agree the revenue could be lost. Call this revenue loss B

The simple logic then becomes A being greater than B, which works for Tutorful. Moving into other countries brings in an additional revenue stream as students from many countries look up to the UK’s education system. Therefore, all in all, more revenue for TF.

Overall, I think this is a disruptive, yet smart way of differentiating through competition. It personally hasn’t worked well for me either, having lost 80% demand, but from a business model perspective, I would do it if I was Tutorful.

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I had no idea at all that a google search for Maths Tutors in Richmond on top would produce a shortened list. In this case 620 Tutors but I would expect a large number of results for this suburb of London.

Too many to read through so I refined the search to ask for A level tutors rather than all levels of maths. Then the list expanded to 1127 Tutors. Rohit who was No. 1 on the list of 620 became No. 10 on the list of 1127. Strange.

Stranger still is this
in the lower population density area of Scotland where I live I am at No 2 on a list of just 15 Tutors. Numbers 1 and 3 do not advertise that they tutor for Scottish exams.
Attempting to filter out those Tutors who don’t offer Nat 5 maths gives a list of 75 tutors.

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