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What’s coming up at Tutorful

Hello all.

I hope everyone is having a good half term break. I know that as we approach the end of the year, particularly with summer looming and many assessments finishing over the next few weeks, things have started to quieten down for many of you. I wanted to use the slight lull in activity to give you all an update on some of the things we’ve got planned at Tutorful over the coming months…and we have a couple of exciting announcements to make :rocket:

Group Classes :man_teacher:
Our goal at Tutorful is to make great tutoring accessible to as many people as possible, and today I’m excited to announce a new product that we believe will be a big step in that direction: group classes.

Many of you will remember the trial of group classes that we ran last summer (and a fair number of your were involved in), which reached over 300 students, and we’ll be using our learnings from that to get it right, making sure we learn what worked (and what didn’t) from last time.

We’ll be looking for tutors to offer small group classes in a wide variety of subjects, both core academic subjects like Maths and English, but also classes that can inspire children or help them pursue new interest, such as learning to code, picking up a new language, or just a fun take on something they’ve covered at school.

We’ll be doing a lot of testing and listening to both customer and tutor feedback as we develop the product, and that means we won’t be ready to fully launch until later in the year. Once we’re a little further down the line we’ll be sure to share more details with you all. Stay tuned!

Tutorful goes international :ireland:
We are also hard at work on expanding into our first market outside the UK, Ireland, which we’re expecting to launch at the start of July. For at least the first few months, we’ll be focussing on Irish tutors for Irish customers. Further down the line though, we’ll look to open up the opportunity to teach students from outside the UK.

Ireland will be the first, but we expect to be launching in a number of new countries over the coming months and years. And of course, we’ll be sure to keep you update on both these as our plans progress.

Kind regards,


Great update Mark - many thanks for letting us know about what’s happening at HQ!


Brilliant, Mark - how very exciting! Thank you for the update :slight_smile:


Great news, I’m particularly interested in taking on group lessons.


Really exciting to hear about Tutorful going international! Which other countries are planned? Will there be possibility for tuition in languages other than english?


Hi Mark. Thanks for the update and as before would be interested in taking part in the proposed group classes. Paul


That is amazing news I already have a student in Ukraine through tutorful so I thought you already were international lol. Although we do do lessons through zoom it was all put through tutorful. How strange.

I’m looking forward to meeting more people. It’s amazing.

Thanks Mark

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I would be really interested in running group lessons within the trial if you are looking for volunteers? Id be particularly interested in running 11+ bootcamps for students who are taking their 11+ after the end of summer