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What is your job situation?

Hi guys I am a personal assistant for a Spanish company who invests in renewables. I moved to London 5 years ago and I wanted to keep busy after work. I missed education and decided to pick up one student and enjoyed the lesson planning and it hasn’t stopped since!

I also got my brother who is a teacher into it as well as my sister who started to tutor full time. It’s been so fun to share the experience and bounce ideas off each other.

Finally having a community to discuss ideas with


I’m a retired teacher - supplementing my pension with what I do best - helping young people to learn.


I started tutoring when I was still at uni as a part-time money earner.

Now, it’s my main source of income, especially at the moment, as my other big source of income is performing, which is currently not happening. I plan to keep tutoring as much as I can in future - there are virtually no performers that I know who don’t teach as well as performing, so I’m glad I’ve made a start at it already. I’ll be going back to do postgraduate study at some point in the next couple of years, and depending on how busy that course is, I may need to dial back my tutoring a bit, but I do want to keep it going as much as possible.


Full time tutor! It’s my first proper job, I was fresh out of college when I started.



First post here! So I used to be a full time teacher, but now I do mostly one to one tuition and I am also a counsellor, so it is great to be able to do both alongside each other as different forms of support.



I am a PhD student doing tutoring part time for some extra cash. Though I have been doing tutoring throughout all of my degrees and have a special love for it as I had a tutor when I was doing my GCSE maths.