What is going on?!

I recieved this today:

It was from a teacher who had obviously send a message to a student - not sure how this landed in my inbox.

I can understand how a message from a student to another teacher might end up in my inbox, but from a teacher to a student?! Very bizarre.

Im so frustrated at people boking in video chats and not getting in touch. I’m so sick of there being no jobs on the board. There’s too many tutors and not enough students. I realise it’s a bad time of year, but are Tutorful focusing on trying to get new students rather than messing around with the algorithm? Lucky, all these rude people that don’t get back to me haven’t affected my score, not that it matters at the moment.

I’m a long term tutor, and I’m just fed up. Sorry for the rant.


I should just clarify that I spoke to Tutorful and they sorted out my issue with the picture. I also talked to them about the algorithm as well. They are always happy to listen to any feedback and this case was no different :slight_smile:

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Regarding being frustrated at people booking video chats and not getting in touch, I assume you’re referring to free video chats?

The selfish part of me wants to keep this advice to myself because I’m pretty sure that I benefit from other tutors losing repeat client score from offering free video chats. Personally I have turned it off though.

Ha, since I posted this I’ve had like four enquiries today…

I feel a bit idiotic now, but it’s done!

@JoeL - I’m lucky… it hasn’t affected my scores - yet. I would turn it off but I do think it is a good way to talk to someone.

Juliet did say I could make sure my booking wasn’t affected, which is lovely, but at the moment the booking score doesn’t mean a lot while these new tests are being carried out. I’m prepared to listen and see the results. I asked the guy I spoke to (who was lovely) to try and keep us informed.

Nothing that hasn’t been reported already, basically that I think they are extending it a week or so. I don’t actually mind too much; I guess it’s better to try it out during the summer when it’s quiet, though part of me thinks this is a bad time as it’s just so quiet on here right now!

He didn’t mention anything about it being permanent, just that they didn’t have another data yet to form an opinion.

Possibly - I don’t speak Maths/data jargon, so I wouldn’t have a clue. Personally, I’m staying positive - I think this data rejiggle could be good for all of us. The algorithm is flawed at the moment in my opinion.