What equipment do you use?

This is mainly for online teachers. I have a great set up (2 big screens so I can type feedback and research things as I go, a mouse that is kind of sideways so it doesn’t hurt my wrist, a standing desk convertor thing, so I can sit or stand, and a peddler under my desk). I work online for at least 5 hours a day, usually more.
My main issue is my headphones. They’re fairly cheap ones off Amazon, because I like that they have a mic mute button on the wire, but I’m finding that my ears are getting quite sore from wearing them a lot recently.
What do you guys do for headphones and microphones? I’d like a setup without a headset, but I’m worried that the mic would pick up sound from the speakers. Any ideas?


Hi Heather, I use a Razer gaming headset and a Roccat Torch microphone. The headphones are really comfortable. Your sideways mouse sounds interesting, I will look into that. I use a Wacom One tablet to write out maths problems. It’s amazing for £35, made such a difference.

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I tutor around 4-5 hours a week through Tutorful and 8-10 hours in total and so my experiences may not be relevant to yourself who does a lot more hours online.

Never really had any need to use headphones as I am on an iMAC with built in microphone and have had no issues with speaking and hearing at either end so far.

I invested in some Jabra in-ear wireless headphones this year- they are super comfy and fit really well. They have a setting where all external noise can be blocked (useful as if i have the window open, there’s traffic noise). It took a while to get used to speaking with them as when you hear your own voice it’s kind of a bit muted and a different tone , but ok.

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