What are your strengths as a tutor?

Hi guys, me again! I loved reading all the points on my ‘proudest moments as a tutor’ moment; it was so great to read about everyone’s wins and successes! It’s nice to build ourselves up, so I was wondering: what are your strengths? It’s not considered very British to brag about our good points, but I say balderdash to that! We should be supporting each other.

Here goes: for me, I think my strengths are improving confidence. I have had many parents saying that I’m making a difference just by encouraging my students to be the best they can be. I also think I’m good at making my lessons fun and entertaining, for the younger ones at least, but I can get through to older students too!

Feel free to share your strengths here (I’ll do a weaknesses post too so we can help each other with areas we struggle with!)

Have an amazing rest of weekend! :slight_smile:


Hi Katy!

Yes!!! I agree mine is always getting students out of their shells! I love when my younger students parents tell me they are looking forward to the next lesson and assume it will be “all examined” but once we get started they love the fun aspect of it.

I had a student I use to meet face to face pre covid and she was so shy she would not speak at all for at least four months. When lock down kicked in she had to interact more. This made me so happy to see how far she has come on and she’s always telling her parents she can’t wait for the next lesson. Makes me so happy!


Well done you ! It’s such a wonderful moment when you can see that you’re make no a difference, isn’t it ?


Hi all I think my main strengths are :
versatility - always trying to think outside of the box to find ways for my students to access their learning
creativity - Finding ways to make lessons full of fun and giggles !
Patience - Parents often commend me for my patience when faced with challenging behaviour ( I tell them it’s so much easier to keep cool when it’s not your own child !)


I think one of my main strengths is also patience. I have one adult language student who has been taking lessons for almost 2 years and he has basically not progressed at all (still Chapter 1 of the beginner book). But he loves his lessons and I’m happy to continue teaching him and celebrate the tiny improvements.

On the other hand, I really enjoy working with students who are quick to learn and am good at progressing my lessons in a way that they feel continuously challenged and don’t get bored.

I am also getting quite experienced in my subject area, so there are certain topics I have developed simple explanations for. It’s so nice to see the lightbulb moments when a student understands a concept she previously thought was really difficult.


so ooo …strengths patience, resilience … i have one student who constantly doubts herself so constantly building her confidence…and mine! Understanding the need and the problem. What is the reason:? to pass an exam or live in the country - then understanding, empathy and direction take place. My strength is identifying this so I can build confidence and success.