What are the GCSE pass marks?

Hi, this isn’t a riveting topic but I’ll welcome advice

I tutor GCSE maths. Just taken on a year 11 student and in mocks just now he’s scored 23% over the three papers. Which is a bit rubbish.

Now I’ve thought that 50% and a bit more was needed for a grade 4. And nothing that I’ve searched online contradicts this. But he seems happy clappy that the school is telling him he’s done okay.

I’ve asked him and his mother pretty firmly to tell me what the school is seeing as the G4 pass mark this summer. (Apparently Covid and this and that are pushing the mark down).

Sorry I told you this was boring! :relaxed: We’re in Poole, Dorset and unless we’re on a different planet (which is possible here), can any tutors advise on what G4 pass marks you are using this summer, esp for maths? Thanks Mohan

Was it higher or foundation? Based on Edexcel 2019 boundaries, 23% on higher would have (just) got him a grade 4 but for foundation it would have been a grade 1.

Ah, thanks Lewis. He’s Higher - but wasting his time trying to get 3d trig, circle theorems, completed square. I’ve asked his mum to look at switch to Foundation - it’s their choice. Yes 23% is right to the wire. Can you tell me what’s the G4 pass mark at Foundation?

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In 2019, 50.8% of the marks would have scored a G4 for Foundation (both AQA and Edexcel). Some schools and colleges near me are telling Foundation students to get 45+ out of 80 for each paper, to be safe. This seems like pretty good advice.

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Thanks Toby! All clear.

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