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Hello! My name’s Matthew and I’m 26 from the North West of England…you know the places that are very good at spreading covid? Around there!

I’ve been tutoring since mid-2019 and have now tutored over 700 hours. At the time I was living off benefits unable to find a job, had just been rejected from a TA post at a school I’d been volunteering at and was seeing my PGCE disappear down the toilet with no reward for it. Tutorful has been a lifeline which I have dearly needed and a means, in conjunction with my ex-part time job (which I lost due to the pandemic), in which I can prove people wrong. I have grown to tutoring between 15 and 18 students a week and the goal for September is to be tutoring 25 students regularly every week.

I still haven’t worked out how everyone has uploaded a picture on here and I cannot believe so much news has escaped my attention but it’s nice to see and meet like-minded people :slight_smile:


Hi mahpara i have done master of philosophy in biotechnology master in zoolgy and teacher experience almost 5 years if some need any help in biology i m here


Good luck to you mate, where did you do your PGCE and in what sector, Primary or Secondary and if Secondary, which subject?

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Primary :slight_smile: feels like quite the time ago now though!

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Starting my journey on Tutorful


good luck and enjoy thec freedom you can have

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Hi, I was just catching up on various chats. I missed this thread somehow, maybe a bit late to introduce myself now : / or maybe it isn’t : ). I noticed you are working on a book, good luck with that, I got my first ever book ( Travel to Unravel ) self published but with a package deal that connected me with the a good printing company to print on demand.

Hi, this is Richard (Chemistry and Maths)

Hello everyone:

I’m Molly and I am an English teacher. I have taught KS3 - A Level English language and literature and also English for Academic Purposes undergraduate courses.

I landed here by chance as I just posted on another part of the forum offering some free resources on my YouTube channel but then saw there was an “introduce yourself” thread so I thought maybe I should write on here.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


You’re not going to plug your YT channel?! :laughing:

Is your channel tutoring related?

Hi, I’ve just joined as a new English tutor ( IB DP, A/AS, IGCSE, ESL). I’m currently in the wilds of Bulgaria, right on the Greek/ Turkish border. I would really appreciate any advice on the best ways to get started as a newbie: can I expect to find any students during the summer? Any tips about the starting price, or profile: what’s the best strategy to get up and running…? Great to make contact with any other English tutors out there.