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Hi I am Manda
I am a retired MFL teacher but have also taught English to GCSE- at one time was head of English department!! - and to second language learners. I have been on Tutorful since 2018 and love the flexibility it has given me to develop a business post retirement, still doing something I love, ie teaching. I do not miss the paperwork, grinding hours etc… but I did miss passing on my love of languages to other people.

I live in Somerset - about 20 miles from Glastonbury, spare room available!- but consider Yorkshire to be my home county as all my family , grandparents, parents, sister aunts uncles, except me were born there and I lived in Huddersfield between 4 and 13. I was born in Tanganyika and then lived in Brazil. My nomadic early childhood and a dad who spoke 7 languages gave me my love of languages!! I have a border collie called Rosie who we got from Doncaster between the 2 lockdowns. My hobbies are reading, knitting, sewing and listening to heavy rock music. Pre lockdown I was going on a lot of final tours- Sabbath, Motorhead, Deep Purple and postponed Elton John I also am a Gloucester Rugby fan and of course it is Yorkshire for cricket!!
I think this community is going to be really important part of Tutorful and am really pleased to be invited to part of it at this stage.


Hi my name is Sharon and I have tutored through tutorful for about 4 years. I tutor a wide age ranger and work predominantly with students with specific learning difficulties.
In my “real” life I teach Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care in a large secondary school and I am currently in the middle of an MA in Education Studies and Inclusive Practice.
I love teaching and have found teaching some of my more challenging (I mean in terms of need, they are all lovely) tutees online has led to me developing my own power point reading schemes that are tailored to the students needs. I am hoping that the community forum gives us the chance to really share new ideas and develop skills for this new way of teaching we find ourselves in.


Hi Nicolette,
I teach in international summer schools during the holidays. I really missed it this year.
I also have one Chinese student with tutorful and tutor mostly students with Dyslexia, ASD or ADHD. Working online has been a challenge for them!
I look forward to sharing ideas with you.


Absolutely wonderful to meet you all! We are so excited to learn more about you all, and see your beautiful pets and village @AnnaDuncanScience! It’s bringing us all at Tutorful HQ a lot of joy to read about you and see how passionate you all are about tutoring and making a difference.

We are so thrilled you’ve all chosen to sign up to our community, we really hope this is the start of something magical! :sparkles:


Hi Everyone

I’m Vicki and I’ve been working with Tutorful since 2018. Prior to this, I’ve taught in both State and Independent Primary schools for 30 years; retiring as a Headteacher in 2017.
I’m qualified to teach all subjects within the Primary curriculum but find that most parents want maths, English or 11+ preparation when requesting tuition.
I aim to make my sessions as much fun as possible for my pupils by incorporating games where appropriate.
Prior to Lockdown 1.0, I only did face to face tuition however all that had to rapidly change and even when the restrictions lifted, the majority of my work remained online.
Despite not really wanting to work fulltime, I’m in the fortunate position to have many requests for work.
I’m really pleased to have been asked to join this community as the world of tuition can be very lonely and although I don’t miss very much about being a Head, I do miss my colleagues.


All of these welcome messages are amazing to read. It’s nice knowing a bit more about your interests, tutoring techniques and experience. Also, loving the pet pictures! :cat2::dog2:

If you have any questions or need any support, please feel free sending me a message.


Hi everyone :wave:, I’m Dylan and I’ve been using Tutorful for almost a year now. I’m primarily a Biology tutor, but do also tutor in the other sciences at GCSE level. Like @Rosie_A I was a researcher and got my PhD (in Cancer Biology :test_tube:) before starting tutoring.

As much as I love science, one of my major passions is teaching people about it. I needed flexibility so pursuing a career in teaching wasn’t really feasible for me, and becoming a tutor ticked all the boxes. I originally expected to only do a few hours a week, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much tutoring I can do (especially from home using the online classroom :computer:). I was planning to use tutoring to tide me over until labs started hiring again (after you-know-what shut most places down), but it has quickly developed into a career I love and have no intention of leaving.

I am very glad I found Tutorful and the opportunity it has given me. I’m looking forwards to swapping ideas with you all so I can develop my work further.

(No pets to speak of though, unfortunately.)


Hi everyone, my name’s Katy, and I’ve been tutoring through Tutorful for 3 years now!

I love this platform and the opportunities it has given me to grow my business and make it a real success! I tutor English at all ages and all levels. I have always had a passion for English every since I was little. I studied English Studies at the University of Stirling (which included learning about Scottish Literature, which was very interesting!) I love the feeling I get when a student does some outstanding work or achieves something; that feeling of pride is genuinely one of the best feelings of my life!

When I’m not working, I am a huge football fan so I will usually spend my weekends watching it (like now!). I am also an aspiring author and have written about a hundred short stories and novels. Getting one published is a dream of mine!

I live in Northumberland with my husband. I think this forum is a great idea and it’s lovely to get new ideas and meet like-minded people and people who have different techniques and ideas! Always lovely to learn new things!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! :slight_smile: :grinning:


Hello Everyone,
I am Philip and I have been tutoring maths and sciences through Tutorful since 2016.
Starting up a few months after I retired early. My wife told me to keep busy. It turned into my first ideal job. I try not to offer careers advice.

They view under the desk that students don’t see - but occasionally the faithful hound snores during a lesson.


Greetings from Huddersfield, my name is Wagner and I’m a Spanish tutor for more than two years using this platform. I’m glad to find a space and share ideas and knowledge also to meet other tutors and their experiences so far. Thanks and Regards. Wagner

The picture was taken in Hove, East Sussex. (UK previous hometown)


Just popping back in here to say I’m really enjoying all the sweet pet pictures! And @AnnaDuncanScience, that is a super gorgeous view! There are some great local areas, too, but yours is just stunning.


Hi @Gerard - lovely to meet you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I also use a Wacom graphics tablet - I can’t imagine doing my online sessions without it! :heart:


Beautiful @AnnaDuncanScience! I lived in Scotland for eight years - lovely to see the Borders again :heart:


Hello, everyone! My name is Eleanor and it’s lovely to meet everyone!

I started tutoring professionally in 2017, during my first year at university, after spending the 3 previous years running my school’s Latin club and teaching the younger years. I graduated in September with a degree in History and I started tutoring full time the same week I handed in my dissertation!

I find this job incredibly rewarding, as I’m sure many of you do as well! It’s so lovely to see a student progress and grow in confidence. Every student is different and it’s great to be able to cater lessons to reflect those differences.

When I’m not working, I enjoy baking, reading Gothic fiction, and writing. One day, I’ll finish that novel I’ve been working on for years!

All joking aside, it’s wonderful to see so many great people here and I look forward to getting to know you all.

All the best,


Hi Eleanor - just thought I would say hello. I am Paul - I go under name of musketandfife. I taught history for 25 years in a large comprehensive and have been tutoring for about 5 years - you are the only other history teacher I have seen so far on the Tutorful Community


Hello everyone.

I’m Henry and have been tutoring mathematics with Tutorful since 2016. I have found the advertising and setup really easy to use - it has made payment easy and records for the tax man really easy.

I have particularly enjoyed working with motivated students of all abilities (although my specialisms are really A-level, Further maths, STEP and MAT). I have loved seeing students grow in confidence, especially those who have been with me for a number of years, some of whom seemingly had no chance, now being entered for higher tier GCSE.

Like many tutors on here, I have found the Wacom tablets invaluable - I’ve had mine for 3 years and never looked back - use it with PowerPoint, Word and Microsoft Whiteboard (which is superb if the student has a tablet as well) - it’s easy to work collaboratively, and paste questions from other sources. The link stays live forever and the graphic can be downloaded if needed.

Mathematics-wise - I’d strongly recommend that any tutor reads Craig Barton’s excellent book “How I wish I’d taught mathematics” - it is very well-researched and contains valuable insights into how children learn mathematics.

l have studied at the Universities of Nottingham (first degree), Leicester (PGCE), Cambridge (post grad and NRICH teacher fellowship) and Warwick (Masters). I have been teaching mathematics and tutoring for almost 30 years. I have been head of department in 4 state schools - all classed as “in challenging circumstances”. I was a member of the team that started NRICH (nrich.maths.org) in the 1990’s and organised and ran the supporting masterclasses for the NRICH pilot project.

When not teaching or tutoring, I enjoy rowing (on the water when not in a pandemic or on an ergo indoors), walking my dogs with my wife and sailing.

Looking forward to sharing ideas on effective teaching…


Hey all!

I’m Gregory and I’m a relatively new tutor here and I’ve only been a tutor here just before the 1st Lockdown from COVID-19. I’m a Science tutor and I’ve chosen Biology and Chemistry as my specialisms.

Before I decided to become a tutor, I have a degree in Forensic Science and was recently working within the Education Sector as a Teaching Assistant, and I want to help students who find Science a struggle.

When I’m not tutoring, you can find me looking after my 2 year old boy, Nicholas with my wife and making sure he’s having a good day.

I’m interested in a few things, such as:

  • playing the piano, as I’ve had private tuition not on here.
  • love cooking and making great food.

I really hope that I can gain a lot of useful info on here to see how I can improve my tutoring sessions, as I’m only quite new on here.

Has anyone else got the same problem where they can’t find potential students fast enough? If so, I would love a chat.


Hello everyone

Just a short intro as I’m tutoring tomorrow. I’ve been with Tutorful for nearly 3 years and do all ages in a variety of subjects.

I’ve been in Education for 13 years.

The photo is Dog, our Lurcher in her bed by my desk.

Look forward to getting to know you all!


My name is Fabian and I have been teaching French for 20 years now and tutoring since March 2019. I am really glad I quit full-time teaching for full-time tutoring.
It is so much more rewarding and varied and, best of all, no more of that “never good enough” feedback from line managers.
I am my own boss and students coming back is a sign of a good job done with them.
I hope to carry on for many years doing this.


Hello, My name is Luis, I have been teaching for twenty years . I was head of MFL but in 2017 I decided to give up the role of head of faculty and I became a classroom teacher and a freelance tutor .