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I’m Kerrie and I’m the Head of Customer Success here at Tutorful. I’ve worked for Tutorful for coming up 2 years in March and loved every minute of it!

Prior to working at Tutorful, I’ve spent the majority of my career in Customer Success, Project Management and Operations.
I have a passion for helping people reach their potential, and this role has allowed me to meet many wonderful people including my incredibly hardworking and thoughtful team mates and our fantastic Tutorful users.

We are excited to have more conversations and get to know more about you all!
Welcome to our Community Forum, please feel free to ask us any questions or send us a message.

Random facts:

  • I have a diabetic Westie called Pandora! :dog:
  • I absolutely love attending festivals and have had a Glastonbury Ticket almost every year it’s been on for the past 10 years :musical_note:
  • I love reading anything, but particularly enjoy Terry Pratchett, Alice Sebold and Minette Walters :open_book:


Hi everyone, :wave:

I’m Luke, one of the Tutor Experts here at Tutorful. Mainly, I conduct interviews and seminars whilst also helping tutors with any issues or queries they might have! I have worked here for nearly 18 months now and have enjoyed working alongside my colleagues and helping our tutors and students.

A few things about me:

  • Studied History at the University of Sheffield and have a keen interest in 20th century America :mortar_board:
  • I love watching/playing both Cricket and Football

I hope you are as excited as I am to get our community up and running, I’m looking forward to seeing our community expand. We hope this can be a safe and useful space to give each other advice or any assistance. If you ever have any questions or need any further information on anything, feel free to send me a message!

Please respond with a welcome message of your own, we would love to know a bit more about you.

All the best,


Hello everyone! I’m Lorna and I’m one of the tutors here on Tutorful. I’ve been on the site since October 2017, when I started offering English and Music tuition. I’ve now moved to offering only Music lessons - I currently have piano and flute students and I plan to begin offering singing lessons when we can eventually resume in-person lessons again!

I have a Bachelor of Music degree from Edinburgh Napier University, where I focused on classical singing, and I’m planning on further study at a conservatoire in the future - I want to go into opera eventually! :notes:

I love sharing my passion for music with my students - to me, music is the absolute best thing in the world and I firmly believe there’s an instrument and a genre for everyone! Seeing the development in my students makes me so unbelievably happy and I’m so grateful that I can share the joy of music with them!

When there’s not a pandemic going on, I perform with choirs and vocal ensembles across Scotland (and sometimes further afield - in 2018, I had the absolute privilege of performing in Carnegie Hall, NYC!) and I miss being on stage and singing with other people so much!

I can’t wait to get to know other tutors and share all of our tips and tricks for being the best tutors we can be! I’ve definitely still got a lot to learn and I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone! :mortar_board:


Hello folks!

My name is Rosie and, like @Lorna I’ve been working as a tutor since 2017.

I’m a science tutor, but, over the years, I’ve made chemistry my specialism - I have come to really love teaching chemistry at A-Level :test_tube::test_tube::test_tube:.

Before I became a tutor, I completed my PhD in biochemistry and worked as a researcher. Although I loved working in science, I loved talking about it more :laughing: … So I decided to train as a secondary teacher and then specialise in one to one tutoring.

I love being a tutor, I hope I’m still doing it when I’m 80 years old! :older_woman: In particular, I love designing sessions to fit individual students and helping them overcome challenges with their science studies - especially the ones I struggled with myself.

When I’m not tutoring, you can find me writing my science blog :nerd_face:, baking (and eating) bread :bread:, or on a long a muddy walk :walking_woman:. I’m often also listening to the latest podcasts about science and attending to our extremely demanding but adorable cat, Oscar :cat2:.

I’m really excited to join this community and get to know you all - it’s so great to hear about your passion for teaching and love of your subjects :heart: … I reckon I’ll be able to learn a lot!


Hi! :slight_smile: I’m Emily and I’ve been at Tutorful for 3 and a half years as our Training & Development Lead. I’ve loved being a part of helping Tutorful grow in lots of wonderful ways over the years and can’t wait to hear more from our community!

I’ve always worked in Customer Success roles, focussing on performance and development and helping teams to give a friendly and delightful service :relaxed:. I’m currently studying part-time with The Open University towards a degree in Business Management.

I live with my partner & my little dog, Betty :dog:. I love music and (pre-pandemic) can usually be found out and about at gigs with friends, or exploring somewhere new outside with Betty and her tennis ball! :evergreen_tree:


Hi All,

I’m Heidi and I’ve been a tutor with Tutorful for around a year. I’m currently completing my masters in chemistry and like @Rosie_A I most enjoy tutoring A-Level chemistry, though I also tutor some GCSE science lessons.

I love being a tutor and find it both rewarding and flexible, and I love my students’ excitement when they have good test scores to report! :open_book:

I’m excited to share the passion for tutoring with this community, and to learn how to become a better tutor myself. However, I am absolutely devastated not to be able to share any cute pet pics! Please forgive me… I look forward to speaking to you all! :sunflower:


Hi - I am Paul and I have been with Tutorful for over four years now. I am a GCSE and A level History specialist and every year I seem to add to periods to my profile. I taught History in a large 13-18 school for 25 years and was subject leader for history for roughly half that time. I absolutely love one-to-one tutoring its very rewarding and you can make a huge difference in a short time. Joining Tutorful community will give me the chance to interact with other similar tutors and hopefully keep up to date share ideas concerns and solutions. One thing for sure I don’t think I know it all although I am old enough to have gone through the Berlin Wall back in 1983 which makes me feel very old when I am teaching the fall of it!


Hey @HeidiM - so great to meet another chemistry tutor! :woman_scientist: :blue_heart: :test_tube:


Hi Guys and Girls!!

I have been on Tutorful since 2015 and have loved every moment of it. I had just moved to London and have a full time job it’s not very challenging so I wanted to do something more challenging!

I missed education and wanted to give back. I love meeting new people to trialed on the website. I loved preparing my lessons and when my students got it! It was the best feeling ever!! I’ve been here ever since. I also introduced family members and some have even made a full time career out of it!

Since the current changes and the global pandemic like most I have turned to online and I really can’t imagine looking back! It has given me a bigger outlet and the most students I have had to date!

I have always given feed back to the team and love the changes that are going on! I can’t wait to see what else we have in store.

If anybody is looking for advice about how to tutor the best rescourse and planning lessons I would be more than happy to assist!!

Sana :woman:t4:‍🦱:butterfly::sparkles:


Hi All!

My name is Kerry and I’ve been tutoring for four years ish, and I’ve been with Tutorful for almost a year.

I teach a multitude of subjects, most focussing on science and music. I am a qualified TEFL teacher which I achieved while tutoring.

I absolutely love tutoring and helping my students to develop, it’s never a ‘job’ because I look forward to every session.

I am completing a bachelors in Biochemistry at the moment and hope to be able to offer some lessons when I finish this course and have more time.

I live with my partner and our puppy Juno, and our kitten marmite.


It’s been so amazing to be a part of this community and I hope to keep spreading knowledge for as long as I can!


Hello there!

I’m Will and I’ve been tutoring here since 2019! I teach mostly Chemistry, with some physics, biology and maths thrown in for good measure. I started with a Master’s in Chemistry and signed up while I was finishing my PhD, and graduated last year, under lockdown of course!

Tutoring has been absolutely fantastic for me, I’ve been able to work wherever I am for the past few years, and working from home during the current climate is incredible too! I found I had a passion for teaching since my early PhD days, as well as helping others to understand ideas, and so tutoring seemed the perfect choice to go into!

When I’m not tutoring or planning sessions, I’m writing, running, walking or gaming. I love learning about teaching and different styles and methods, and can’t wait to see how everyone else conducts their lessons!

Happy to meet you all! :smiley:


Hi Everyone,

I"m Gerard. I’ve been tutoring via Tutorful since October 2018. I started by teaching Mathematics across the full secondary school age range, but I have progressively focused more on A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. I also support a few GCSE Additional Mathematics students.

I particularly enjoy preparing new topics, and finding a way to clearly explain a concept that the textbook merely states. I enjoy putting together dedicated slideshows, and sharing these with my tutees.

Like everyone else I have moved exclusively to online tuition. I will not go back to face-face tuition because I really like not having to spend time travelling to a student’s home.

The biggest tip I have for an online tutor is to invest in a good graphics tablet. I have recently switched from Wacom Baboo tablet to a XP-Pen Deco 03. I thoroughly recommend the the XP-Pen. It comes with wireless as standard, a pressure sensitive pen, its bigger than the cheaper Wacom, and (most importantly) it works perfectively with all of my software.
(The XP-Pen is currently £100 on Amazon.)

Whilst I create new lessons in PowerPoint (which works well with the Wacom), I have years of maths lessons within Promethean’s Activinspire software (which does not work at all well with the Wacom graphics tablet but is fine with the XP-Pen).

Aside from examination marking for Edexcel (I am a team leader for A-level Pure Mathematics), tutoring via Tutorful is my only income source. I enjoy having control of my working hours and being able to choose tutoring assignments that play to my strong mathematical background.

I have previously workedg in secondary schools (both public and private) for 15 years, and within the I.T. sector for 20 years. I worked in I.T. to earn enough money to raised my children. I work in education because I feel it is an important job with a true purpose.

When not tutoring, I currently spend my time going for long walks with my wife, and rediscovering my vinyl collection (and adding to it!). In addition, we have recently become grandparents, so I expect to spend plenty of time with my new grandchild once this pandemic is behind us.

I am happy to help other tutors if you need any advice or support.

Regards and best wishes



Hi Everyone!

I studied Physics and Philosophy at Kings College London, then decided I wanted to do more Physics so did my MSc at UCL. I started tutoring science and maths during my masters and have kept going full time and part time for over 12 years. I spent a lot of time in South Africa and volunteered at an NGO in Cape Town on and off for over five years, helping out with their high school program in the townships and co-ordinating their science team- the most rewarding part was introducing hands on practical experiments to the students, which they had little to no experience of.

I did a TEFL course earlier this year and got my first experience of online tutoring teaching students in China. I started with Tutorful in October and I absolutely love it! I have been so impressed with the support given by the team, for any issue big or small. The system is so well organised and has makes the tedious admin of tutoring (marketing and invoicing) a total breeze and frees me up to concentrate on teaching.

I’m really happy to be part of this forum, tutoring can be quite lonely so having a space to connect with other tutors is amazing. I’m a sociable nerd who loves talking about science, as well sharing tips and experiences with other educators.

Can’t wait to get to know you all!



Hi everyone,

My name is Nicole and I have been with Tutorful since July 2020. I am 23 (will soon be 24) and I am a fully qualified RQT Primary School Teacher with a BA Honours in Primary Education (with QTS) but currently working as a full-time Tutor due to the current situation. I cover all areas of the English Primary National Curriculum (EYFS/KS1/KS2) but the main areas that seem to come up are English/Phonics and Maths. I also tutor 11+/Entrance Exam preparation as I personally sat the 11+, my brother also sat this, I have previous experience in tutoring in this area and my first teaching job involved working in a private school where they also prepared them for the 11+.

As mentioned before, my first teaching job was in a Private Primary School, where I was very lucky to experience lots of training days for a school Maths Scheme called Inspire Maths! From these training days, I do my best to implement what I learnt to my tutoring sessions (where possible) as I know how helpful it can be! In that school, I taught Year 6 and Year 3 and loved every moment of it! My second teaching job was in a state Primary school where I taught Year 1. Unfortunately, my experience in teaching that year group was cut short due to covid which I was devastated about as it was such a lovely school to work in.

In both schools, I experienced inspections from OFSTED (or the Private School equivalent called ISI) and received brilliant reports! Safe to say I had a very intense first 2 years in my teaching career.

I provide online lessons only and work with lots of children from all over the country, covering a wide spectrum of ages and subjects and even have the joy of teaching a lovely SEN child!

I love to make lessons as fun and engaging for the children (where possible) and try to make it as personalised as possible. I feel that the key to a successful education is to ensure that you have a good and strong relationship with the children and encourage that love of learning and love for learning!

I have loved tutoring as it allows me to do the job I love with a wide variety of children and I feel like, just as with teaching, it is very rewarding seeing them flourish and grow, knowing you have helped them on that journey. I am very passionate about what I do and I always want the best for every child I work with.

I am looking forward to using this forum as a way to interact with other tutors as it can be quite a lonely and isolating experience working on your own (as opposed to a school environment where you have lots of other work colleagues), especially given the current situation as well and it will be nice to get to know other tutors on here, share experiences and ideas and offer support when needed.


Hi everyone, I have also been tutoring with Tutorful for three years. I really love using the site and the students are friendly and diverse. Some of them have been taking lessons with me for many months or even years, which gives the sessions a lovely sense of continuity.

I live in London and teach mainly German, although I have other subjects listed (English and dance), to students 8 and up and adults. With all lessons now online, I’ve also picked up some clients who live in other areas, which is great news. I’m a full-time tutor and also a Pilates instructor.

Like others, I am really looking forward to connecting with other teachers and students on this message board and helping out where I can! I’m sure it will be very helpful for everyone involved, and a great place to meet others with similar interests.


Hi my name’s Kate,

I’ve been tutoring with Tutorful for nearly two years and love it! I became a full time carer so left teaching five years ago and it was fabulous to find a way to use my brain again :slight_smile:

I have been teaching for twenty years (I obviously started when I was 1…not!) and I teach both maths and English (I was originally an ESOL teacher before focusing mainly on maths).

I love the fact that most of my students come to me hating the subject and then watching them change their minds. I also really enjoy that in one day I can teach a primary maths student followed by a Higher GCSE student…what more could you ask for!!!

I am looking forward to meeting with other tutors and swapping ideas :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I started tutoring with Tutorful back in 2015 when I was a 2nd year Chemistry student in Glasgow. It started off as a part-time student job but it ended up becoming a full-time career for me. It is so rewarding that I would do it for free if I could :joy: Tutorful enables me to work from home, be my own boss and change the world one student at a time.

I love getting to know my pupils - something I could never do in a full classroom when I taught in a secondary school. As a tutor, you can really develop a close relationship with a student and see them gain confidence.

It also never gets boring. You can always start tutoring a new subject or a new curriculum. I started off just tutoring the Scottish curriculum and only Maths and Chemistry but recently had the courage to spice things up by adding Biology and Physics and trying the English curriculum. (FACT: Exams in England are way harder than in Scotland :smiley:)

Sadly I don’t have any pets but here are some views from my village in the Borders:


Hello all

My name is Nicolette and I’ve been a private tutor at Tutorful for a few years. I also teach English to Chinese children online. Before that, I taught children aged 3-11yrs in state primary, private and international schools for over 20 years.
I’m also a Mum of two teenagers, both of which have dyslexia and dyspraxia and this has fuelled my determination to help other families who struggle to keep up with their educational targets.
I love to spend my spare time with my long suffering husband ( who’s also a teacher!),
children and cocker spaniel fur baby!
I also enjoy singing, acting, eating out, going to the theatre and cinema and reading.
I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, getting advice from you and helping others in anyway I can.

Let the adventure begin …


Hi I am Manda
I am a retired MFL teacher but have also taught English to GCSE- at one time was head of English department!! - and to second language learners. I have been on Tutorful since 2018 and love the flexibility it has given me to develop a business post retirement, still doing something I love, ie teaching. I do not miss the paperwork, grinding hours etc… but I did miss passing on my love of languages to other people.

I live in Somerset - about 20 miles from Glastonbury, spare room available!- but consider Yorkshire to be my home county as all my family , grandparents, parents, sister aunts uncles, except me were born there and I lived in Huddersfield between 4 and 13. I was born in Tanganyika and then lived in Brazil. My nomadic early childhood and a dad who spoke 7 languages gave me my love of languages!! I have a border collie called Rosie who we got from Doncaster between the 2 lockdowns. My hobbies are reading, knitting, sewing and listening to heavy rock music. Pre lockdown I was going on a lot of final tours- Sabbath, Motorhead, Deep Purple and postponed Elton John I also am a Gloucester Rugby fan and of course it is Yorkshire for cricket!!
I think this community is going to be really important part of Tutorful and am really pleased to be invited to part of it at this stage.


Hi my name is Sharon and I have tutored through tutorful for about 4 years. I tutor a wide age ranger and work predominantly with students with specific learning difficulties.
In my “real” life I teach Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care in a large secondary school and I am currently in the middle of an MA in Education Studies and Inclusive Practice.
I love teaching and have found teaching some of my more challenging (I mean in terms of need, they are all lovely) tutees online has led to me developing my own power point reading schemes that are tailored to the students needs. I am hoping that the community forum gives us the chance to really share new ideas and develop skills for this new way of teaching we find ourselves in.