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Hello, I’m a tutor using the platform. It is an agent/self-employed relationship. As a tutor I work weekends, it is the nature of the business. However, it seems almost impossible to contact anyone over the weekend if there is an issue. Why do you expect self-employed tutors to work weekends but you as agents don’t? What are tutors/clients supposed to do if they have issues and there is no one to contact? Please don’t suggest the digital bot, it is useless as far as my client and I’m concerned.

Hi @Lawrence, thank you for your post and I’m sorry for any frustration that has been caused as a result of you not being able to speak with someone on a weekend!

As you have correctly mentioned, tutors are self-employed with Tutorful.

There is no expectation or requirement for our tutors to work over a weekend if they do not wish to do so. All of our tutors are free to work as and when they choose, fitting around their own schedules and preferences - tutors can make this clear to students by showing their available time using our availability calendar feature.

Our office opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 7pm where our Tutor Expert and Student Expert teams are available to offer support. If you need support outside of these hours, we would recommend emailing support@tutorful.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible, giving you support and guidance to resolve the issue and make sure similar issues do not reoccur.

It may be worth noting that we also have many FAQs on the site, it’s always worth having a quick look there as you may find the answer you need. Our FAQs cover a whole range of things from how to use and make the most of different features to troubleshooting online lessons.

That said, I do really appreciate your feedback and I will pass this on internally.

Hi Lawrence

I work weekends on Tutorful, and yes there have been times when a phone call would be useful. However the team at Tutorful are not obliged to work just because we choose to and are there on Monday if things need sorting.

I understand when a new tutor comes on board , they may need extra support for a time.

Sometimes we have to use our own common sense and judgement until we can get some assistance.


I have always found the telephone staff amazing. If they are there at the time brill but also if not they deal with it later. I have to say once when I was taken ill with diabetic hypo online, they even organised an ambulance to check me out 300 miles from Sheffield. I do not know any other company that would have done that. I cannot praise the phone team enough. Thank you all.


Hi Manda,

Thank you so much for your feedback, it’s lovely to hear such kind words about our Customer Success Team! I have shared this with them :slight_smile:

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Rachel they are absolutely brilliant

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