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Website Update?


I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this or it isn’t working for them?

In a recent email from Tutorful, they mentioned that an update they have now released is to be able to send emojis and attach documents. I have just gone onto the website on my laptop and this does not seem to be available for me? I am so confused because they’ve already said it’s available (just checked the email in case I was mistaken) but I still can’t seem to be able to do this.

Is there a reason for this?

Hi @ns.tutoring,

I’m so sorry for any confusion! We’ve had a little delay in releasing those new features, but sadly the email had gone out just as we realised we weren’t quite ready to release the update. Don’t worry, sharing files and including emojis in your messages will be possible very very soon! I will keep you updated here.

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Hello Rachel, I have not been able to reply to any students all morning. I keep getting this message : Couldn’t send that message. Please check the form for errors and try again.
What can I do? I have tried on mobile, laptop and tablet and none will send any messages through Tutorful.

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Hi @KayleighD,

Sorry to hear that your messages aren’t sending - do the messages you’re trying to send include lots of numbers at all (e.g. lots of times and dates)? If they do, it could be that the system is detecting that it might be a phone number, and blocking the message from sending.

If that’s not the case, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with our Customer Success team on 0114 383 0989 so that we can support you further or if you would prefer, email us at support@tutorful.co.uk. Including any relevant screenshots in your email can really help us to see what could be causing this to happen. :slight_smile:

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Nope, it was just the standard message that I send with my e mail address and this is only after the lesson has been confirmed on the system. I have just e mailed the student directly as I need the info quickly to prepare before the lesson tomorrow. I will try again later but if it remains the same, I will just go direct to a text message or an e mail.
I have a question about students being able to edit documents in the classroom, which I posted in another thread. Should I call instead of waiting for a reply as the student is on Saturday and there will not be anyone in to address any issues then.

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That’s okay, I actually thought it was just an issue on my end! Thank you so much for clarifying. I don’t mind continuing to send emails as this works for me for now anyway, I was actually just curious to see if it would work and saw the option was not there! I do look forward to this feature though as it will make things much easier and one child had actually suggested this feature in one of my lessons (they’re only in year 4 too and they said it in such a matter-of-fact way which made me giggle a LOT!) :joy:

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Thanks for getting back to me and sorry again to hear this has been happening. We can’t go into detail on specific accounts in the Community and would need a little more information to be able to find out what’s causing this to happen - I have passed this on to a member of the team who will reach out separately to get this resolved for you. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you have been waiting for a response on another post. I can see you have a few questions about the online classroom so I will respond to that post separately. If you do have any queries that are urgent, I would definitely recommend contacting the team just to ensure that they are picked up swiftly.:sunny:

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Hi @ns.tutoring,

As promised, to update you on your initial post - the upgrade to the message thread is now live so tutors and students can share files and emojis in their messages together on the site :slight_smile:

Sorry again for any confusion caused previously by the email you received! I’d love to hear how you find using these new additions so please let us know if you have any feedback. :sparkles:

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Rachel, I have been receiving old notifications through to my phone since the weekend saying that I haven’t replied to a student, or that I hadn’t booked lessons, when I had. Is there a glitch in the website?