Website problems

Anybody else having issues with the updated website?
My messages aren’t showing (I have to use my mobile to send and receive messages now), which is frustrating, and I’m having a fiasco trying to find previous feedback. It was really handy before when you could click on a student and see past lesson for that student (I put loads of feedback on, as it’s my way of tracking what we have done) but now I need to trawl through several pages of lessons at least to find what I am looking for.
Anybody else having these issues?


Hi, Heather, I’m actually having issues with Word documents on the classroom. They won’t upload, and I get an error notice saying PDF failed to load’, when it’s not a pdf. It’s annoying. I think I’ll message Tutorful and hope they get back to me.


I have had that in several lessons, some documents just aren’t loading. I switched to screen share but it’s not ideal. The problem is in the old classroom you would have other files already stored you could fall back on or you would have tried to upload them earlier and realised there was an issue. In this classroom, you don’t know until you try :woman_shrugging:

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I have just had a lesson request from a student which clashed with a lesson already booked in. It would have been a 30 minute overlap. The web site did not allow me to confirm (good to know that it spotted my lack of diligence) but I thought it would have prevented the student from making the request.

Is this a new glitch or have I made this mistake for the first time?

Whichever it is can changes be made to avoid bookings overlapping.

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Hi @Philip,

I hope you’re well. Sorry to hear this happened! We recently have a bug which affected tutor’s availability calendars and therefore student lesson requests as a result of the move to BST.

This has been fixed on desktop but is still causing issues for users on the app. In this scenario, we would advise offering an alternative time to the student!

If they are unable to do so, please get in touch with our support team via 0114 383 0989 or

Best wishes,

Hi @heather :wave:,

I hope you’re well. Sorry to hear the new messaging system has caused a few issues for you! If your messages aren’t showing, this will be because you need to clear your cookies and caches in your browser.

All you need to do is to go to your browser history by clicking on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of Chrome, and then selecting the history option. You’ll then have a new tab open with your history on Chrome - to clear your cookies and cache, you’ll just need to click the ‘Clear Browsing History’ option on the left-hand side, and in the pop up that will appear, you’ll just need to make sure that 'Cookies and other site data and 'Cached images and files are checked before clearing the data.

In regards to filtering messages, you are still able to do this in your lessons tab on the app! You can filter by a student and see all their upcoming, completed, and canceled lessons. We have received feedback to add this filtering feature back to the messaging board, so I will pass this on to our product team for you.

Best wishes,

Hi, @KayleighD and @DebRob,

Really sorry to read about the problems you’re having when uploading documents to the online classroom! If you haven’t already, please report these problems to or 0114 383 0989 and we can find a solution for you!

Best wishes,

That’s great, thank you! :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Luke,
This happened through via the website accessed via desktop computer (hoping I have terminology correct) not via the app yesterday evening. Parent was allowed to request a one hour lesson starting at 18.00 which clashed with an existing lesson booked in at 18.30. Better check if the glitch was reported fixed before or after 19.59 yesterday

So the calendar is fixed on a desk top computer? I tried the desk top a few weeks ago and it didn’t work. I will try it again.

I have just had a lesson request from a student which clashed with a lesson already booked in. It would have been a 30 minute overlap. The web site did not allow me to confirm.

Those words were posted by me 6 days ago.
It has just happened again.

The fault is still there. Contrary to the reply from Luke at Tutorful 5 days ago it has not been fixed ( I was not using the app)

Can somebody at Tutorful look at the software issues and get a grip on the situation.

Hello, just wanted to see if anyone is getting texts and e mails reminding them to reply to students that you have already replied to? This seems to be happening regularly when I have said that I cannot help for a variety of reasons but the site does not recognise this as a reply. These are going back at least a week and I then am trying to find them in my messages only to see that I have already replied. I assume that they are automatic reminders but if we have not booked due to the options given when we click on “I can’t help”, shouldn’t that stop the reminder??

I used the updated website for the first time yesterday.
In the half hour before the lesson started I downloaded a few documents and scans.
When my pupil arrived she could see a blank screen only.
On line support could not help (multiple phone calls).
other than a link to the unfamiliar (but valid) lesson space.
I stopped proceedings after 40 minutes and arranged for a full refund - she had her final exam very shortly after this abortive attempt at last minute prep.

In the evening with another pupil I found a workround solution.
Load a single document before the lesson.
During the lesson download a second document (a third &c if required - I presume).
Now the student can see the same view as the tutor as the tutor switches between tabs/documents.

Which is contrary to the info I was given earlier over the phone . I was told that the student also has to switch tabs to have the same view as the Tutor. I said at the time that this would be crazy design and completely unworkable. And that comment fell on deaf ears but fortunately the designers did not take that route.
Phew !! I took my profile off - line in the afternoon - I may be able to reinstate it after a couple more lessons and some further icon tinkering.

However there seems to be a residual problem if, in the half hour set up time, I can only download a single document. I used to be able to download up to 6 documents during my set up time.

Can any tutors help me with that issue??

I tested the classroom some months ago and had to ask to return to the old version - all my students complained. When I returned to the old one, it started sending my students to a different classroom from the one I was in - it happened so much that we all moved to Zoom. I still use Tutorful for advertising and getting clients and give students the option of Tutorful or Zoom, but most have lost faith in the Tutorful classroom and choose Zoom now.