We’re bringing back in-person tutoring soon!


We’re pleased to announce that we’re going to be bringing back in-person tutoring at Tutorful!

During the pandemic, our platform changed dramatically and became one that promoted 100% online tutoring, changing how our tutors and students interacted and how learning took place.

We’ve been listening to feedback from you, our tutors and students, and whilst we’ve been delighted by the results and interactions since the move online, our goal is to provide a platform that works for everyone. Offering in-person tuition provides our tutors with the platform to help their students achieve their learning goals in whatever form that works best for their individual needs.

Our team is currently working to prepare the site for these changes, so students won’t be able to search for local tutors just yet. We’re aiming to have completed these updates by the end of April, and we’ll be updating you regularly as this develops further!

If you’d like to offer in-person lessons alongside online sessions, there’s a couple things you can do right now! You’ll have received an email from us informing you of these upcoming changes - if you’re interested in offering in-person sessions, you can complete the form linked in the email. If you do this, we’ll be able to automatically update your teaching preferences for you so you’ll be set up to teach in-person lessons immediately once the site has been fully updated! It’s also important to make sure that your address is up to date on your account - you can do this by logging into your Tutorful account on the website, and then heading to the account tab.

It’s important to note that we aren’t planning to introduce in-person group sessions, so if you do teach a Tutorful Class, these will remain online.

If you have any questions, please do have a look at our FAQs, and if you’re still unsure about anything, please do let us know!


Nikesh (Tutor Lead)


Thank you Tutorful for listening and finally bringing back in-person tuition!


Too little too late Tutorful.


This is in effect, the end of online tuition? Can’t see many people picking online if there’s in person available

Hi, thank you for commenting! The re-introduction of in-person tutoring is about offering our users the options that work best for them. It’s important to say that our platform is going to become a hybrid of both options, meaning tutors can either offer online tuition, or online and in person.

Prior to the pandemic, we offered a similar selection of online and in-person tutoring, and saw a lot of students opt for the convenience of online tutoring - as people have adapted to the online world of the last few years, more have become comfortable having online sessions, and as such we still expect to see lots of demand for online tutors!

We expect that there will still be plenty of students who find the convenience and ease of online tuition a more suitable option for them and/or their child. We’ve had fantastic feedback from many students/parents who thoroughly enjoy online, but there are some subjects and personal circumstance where in-person would be a better option.


Not at all.

I have happy students from all over the country and there is no real benefit to them being in-person of my subjects of mathematics and physics.
What exactly do you get from in-person that you cannot get remotely? Absolutely nothing for mainly academic subjects.

In fact some parents would prefer remote tutoring as it is safer and you can match up students and tutors better this way.

Both will co-exist in a happy space and I am very happy that Tutorful have brought back in-person, even though I have zero interest in this myself.


I’m happy with the decision too, not necessarily for me, but for everyone else who depends on tutoring in-person for clients.

What I’m concerned is that pulling the plug in the first place has damaged the brand, and that many people will be wondering what the point of cancelling it was in the first place. I understand the need to go to online only during lockdowns and for safety reasons during a pandemic, but at no point was it ever indicated that in-person would start up again, and I’m frustrated for those who have lost clients and potentially damaged their reputation by constantly turning away in-person lessons.

Still, I’m pleased with Tutorful for listening to their clients and parents, and doing the right thing. Many will be very happy with this decision, if maybe bemused by the change of heart.


Real shame as this has been devastating for tutors who teach practical subjects like music.

One tutor has been highlighting his personal circumstances for months on end here.

I still have no idea why Tutorful thought it would ever be a good idea to make themselves online only.


It’s so weird like a year or so ago if you’d said you were putting as much emphasis on tutoring in-person as online I’d have said great - more work for me!

Now I’ve got so used to tutoring online and being able to organise my planner so there is precious little time between sessions that I think, though you are bringing it back, I probably won’t use it.

That said I’m delighted it’s returning as an option and I’m happy for those that require this as an option to make their way! Surprised there isn’t more celebration within this thread given how highly charged the initial threads were when in-person tutoring was removed !


How is my opinion with no offensive language and not a word of a lie in it against the rules and offensive?


What a big palaver this has been. Talk about a U-turn. I prefer online tutoring now because there is less travel time and it is much easier, but so many people have been totally stressed out by Tutorful going online only that I feel their heads might explode after this. I hope they can turn back the clock and get their clients back. Well done Tutorful for seeing sense at last.


I lost all my students when lockdown started.
I looked into online tutoring but it seemed impersonal and difficult to use for me.
Nothing like being sat next to someone to make it easier to explain and see their in person reactions.
It can be a pain to find someone peoples houses but its worth it for a better experience for tutor and student.


I guess it depends on which subjects you teach - I teach maths and since lock down all my tutoring moved online and I really enjoy it! I live in a really rural area and visiting students in the evening meant I could only do one or 2 students in the time frame (because of the distances involved in travelling) doing online I can see 4 students in the same time frame without the additional travelling costs. But I can see that for many subjects on line tutution just doesn’t work


I am happy this is coming back as it gives choice to students. I had largely lost interest in Tutorful and looked elsewhere when the initial decision was made, so perhaps others have drifted off and are not celebrating now because they have moved on. I can do a mix of online and in person locally and hopefully this is the best of both worlds. If the students are local I can still teach them online, or face to face to face (depending on what they prefer and other factors).


Not that we are getting close to the end of April (I recalled the 25th being mentioned but thread above states end of April) I thought I’d look up myself.

Yes indeed I do appear listings for my County.

I also appear in listing for the town of Ayr - 15 miles away although I indicated 5 mile travel distance.
That’s not a problem, students will be able to travel to me.

What is annoying though… 9 students are featured for Ayr.
6 great reviews are listed.
Bizarrely all for the same tutor.

I’ve nothing against the lady but she could surely cope with a reduction to 5 reviews on display and she teaches a single subject = Polish.

It would be nice to have one of my reviews on display.
Can someone look into this ??

Update 19th April

This seems to be a general glitch in the system.
Locations with a small number of tutors give a selection of 9 tutors.
Then feature 6 reviews from one of the tutors and none from the other 5.
Its not a good look - makes Tutorful look like a one man band in that area.

ignore this, found what I was looking for

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Has anyone chosen to tutor face to face from 25th April?

Yes I have chosen tutor in person.

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Absolutely zero interest in in-person tutoring anymore.

I am so against it that I would not even tutor someone next door in-person. Happy to tutor then remotely using Zoom.

My subjects are mathematics and physics and so no need I appreciate that.