Waiting list on our accounts


Any chance we could have a waiting list function ready for September? I am fully booked and would like a feature for parking people till then.



That’s a very interesting idea! I wonder how it would work with the search function though. When I get full up, I turn my account offline - however if I wanted to still be available for a waiting list then perhaps clients would have to check a box saying they wanted their search to include tutors who were running a waiting list? Or perhaps we would just not go offline, but our profiles could have a special indicator that we were full and only taking on new students on a waiting list for next term/year…?

It’s hard to think how this could be integrated into the search function, but it would be great if it could be figured out and became a feature.


Thanks Joel

It was a very off the top of my head idea given little thought!

I like your idea of a symbol or wording on the profile to show a waiting list.


Hey @Kitty,

thank you for sharing this idea! I have passed it on to our Product Team. It’s always great to hear what our tutors would find useful. :sparkles: Great to hear your take on it too, @JoeL ! :slight_smile:


My general observation is that clients want a quick solution. Hence, waiting lists are becoming less popular. Moreover, customers have been spoiled by the need for instant gratification and hence, waiting is not something that they are keen on.
From Tutorful’s perspective, it also works having instant revenue come through.
Just my two pennies’ worth…