Video clips on tutor profiles - your thoughts

Following some recent feedback left on another thread, we would be really interested to hear what tutors think about having a video on their profile.

We see this as being a short clip of you teaching in our classroom - showing part of a lesson or lessons that you have taught (with student consent to share or the student blanked out from the video). You would be able to choose what part of a lesson was used in the clip.

We think this would be useful as it’d give you the opportunity to show students visiting your profile an example of your teaching - giving them an idea of you as a tutor and how your online lessons look.

Please use the reply button below to let us know what you think! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I would like a clip from my lessons, because I think that the classes are always so specific to the student, and I’m not sure it would be a good indicator to others.

I think a short video introduction could be nice, so maybe a 30 second clip where I introduce myself and explain my teaching style.


I’m not really against it, but like @Julia I think I agree that I wouldn’t like a clip from lessons, more a general instruction when I’m in the classroom.

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I agree with Julia. Every student is different and I’m constantly adapting my method to the student so It wouldn’t work for me to show my teaching style that works for everyone as I tailor my class to each student. Rather a short video to introduce yourself so people get to appreciate your personality and enthusiasm about the subject you are teaching.

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I agree with everyone else. There’s already a video meet-and-greet option where you can meet the student and parent beforehand, so surely that’s the time for them to learn about how you teach and how to use the platform? Speaking to the potential student ‘live’ gives them a much clearer picture of how you can help them than a video.

I agree with everyone else. I wouldn’t like to do this - I would much prefer to have a quick ‘live online’ meet and greet type thing with potential students/parents. I adapt my style to student needs/age so don’t think as a primary tutor a single video would be representative of my lessons.

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Video used to be an option and I never used it. However I would probably like to experiment using this now.

Hi Rachel,

I like the idea but I’m not sure I would personally like to add it to my profile. I thought the free video chat prior to booking the lessons would be a good interactive tool before confirming but I get no response after which I don’t think is fair and if the clients don’t want the lessons they should let us know. I like to respond straight away to let people know in interested. Sometimes that no reciprocation is not a good response which can be disheartening.

I agree with the others. It is a great idea but I think a better alternative is to have a video introduction where you can talk and explain a little bit about yourself and how you work, but you don’t include a part of a lesson because as the others stated, they are individualised to each student and may not showcase how I may work for other potential students.


How about a choice of video to upload (a brief introduction, a segment if a lesson, etc) instead of choosing one type for everyone?

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Hi everyone,

it’s really interesting to read all of your thoughts on this and alternative ideas too! I really appreciate the feedback and will be sure to share it with the team. :smiley:

Thanks a lot! :sparkles:

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Not something I’m very interested in to be honest. I tailor all of my lessons to my pupils’ particular interest and needs, and as I teach children as young as 3 to adults in their 60’s, in three completely different musical areas, I don’t feel it would be particularly helpful.

For me I teach several subjects so what would you show??

Hi Manda,

I guess if we were to make profile video clips an option, we would be able to give tutors a choice of what they wanted the video to focus on or what lesson the clip was taken from.

Many of our tutors teach more than one subject so I would personally suggest that they choose one they feel most passionate about or specialise in the most. Alternatively, it could just be a lesson or subject where a tutor feels their passion and teaching style could be well demonstrated in a short clip. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the idea of video clips - do you think they’d be a valuable addition to a tutor profile?

I think it is a great idea, focusing on one great but the tone is huge. for example this lesson this morning which was mega fun at times a bit risque but client loved the challenge
So re your question I think video clips could be angry 3xperienceeat but specifically targeted not just key Stage 3 or 4 but home schooled or not and even religion…

for eg I taught plymouth brethren children French GCSE who never watched TV / film etc and didn’t have any technology - extremely challenging for current gcse