Using the Tutorful app

My understanding that using the app is really useful for being quick off the mark in responding to jobs. I’ve downloaded it on my iphone - I think I read that the mobile app is not as good as having it on a laptop but I can’t seem to download it as I don’t have a chromebook or macbook- anyone have a solution? Is it better to use the app than the browser for lessons…?

I only use the app on my phone to respond if someone sends me a message or trys to contact me when I’m out and about. I haven’t tried to teach lessons on it - not sure it would work very well even if you can because all my slides and worksheets are on my laptop. Also found it can be a bit slow updating sometimes - you cancel/rearrange a lesson but it takes a while for it to realise you’ve done that and allow you to book the same slot. Also unlike online I haven’t yet found a way to refund part of a lesson.

The app is good for responding to messages, checking availability and booking or cancelling lessons.

You can’t do your lessons on the app or even through Tutorfuls website through your phone. You can only have your lesson through your laptop.

As others have said, I also use the app just for messaging and for quick bookings and cancellations. I’ve been able to join lessons through my phone browser before but not the app. To join lessons and book/edit repeat lessons I always use the browser.