Using "Password-Free" login feature - how's it going?

Good morning everyone!

Last week we introduced a new feature to our platform, allowing users to login to their account through their email without having to remember a password and providing a more secure way of logging in.

As a Product Manager, it is my goal to implement and introduce features that are useful to our users and make their lives easier, so I wanted to reach out and get feedback on this new feature.

  • Have you used the password free login?
  • If you haven’t, what was the reason you chose to continue logging in with your password?
  • If you have, did you feel you had enough context and information on the login page to understand the feature and helped you through the process?
  • Do you have any further feedback or thoughts on the process?

Thank you all so much for any help and feedback you choose to share, your thoughts and opinions are always appreciated!

Have a lovely rest of your day!

Natalie, Product Manager @ Tutorful


Hi Natalie,

It was fine but unsure of the point of it. It did cause problems for students who use their parents’ account but do not have access to their email accounts. Several of my students came late to their lessons last week as a result of this, as it didn’t seem clear to them how to log in with password, especially as they’d been automatically logged out with the update. I’m sure these are teething problems but wondering why this was a neccessary feature as it hasn’t really improved the experience of using the service for me.

Other more important improvements (in my opinion) would be to improve messaging on app - notifcations for myself and many students do not work, which means students or potential students do not reply as they have not seen the messages.

Thank you,


Hi Celeste! :slight_smile:

I want to thank you so much for your response, this feedback is immensely useful for the team, and I’ve already started working with the team to look at how we can put things in place to help with students being late, not having access to their parents’ email accounts, or not understanding how to login with a password.

We decided to implement “password-free” (or magic link) login because we wanted to help our users stay more secure on our platform (password hacking is a really big problem in cyber security circles at the moment) and help users with forgotten passwords.

Thank you again so much for your feedback, it is extremely useful, and I appreciate you taking the time to provide it to us! I will pass along your other feedback to the appropriate teams.

Kindest regards,


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I had a similar issue last week as @CelesteC. A couple of my students were late for the class since they were logged out and didn’t have access to the parent’s emails.

For the first time since being on Tutorful I am having problems with the app and logging in. When I go to the Tutorful app on my phone or ipad I am always logged out, when I used to stay logged in. if I choose to log in using the email link it doesn’t log me into the app it takes me to the desk top version online, and then I have to log in again. It’s becoming a bit of pain. I just want to stay logged in like I used to be.
Also, recently my messages have not been reaching my parents or they get them the next day. I went offline on Monday, but on Tuesday I received lesson request. It it said it had been sent the day before so it must have been sent before I went offline. I am not sure why is took so long to get to me. It’s like it got lost somewhere.
Like I said, I have never had any issues before and usually love the app and everything. However, it is now starting to get on my nerves a bit.



It’s Tudor here, one of the Tech Leads at Tutorful. Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the inconvenience the app is posing you at the moment! I can only imagine how frustrating this might be!

Could I confirm that you are using an Apple/iOS device?

The team has been investigating this issue and has put a fix in place for our iOS app. It is currently in an update that’s on its way to you, however, it might take a couple of days as we are waiting for Apple to review & approve it. (a usual process when releasing app updates)

I’m really pleased to hear you have loved using our app in the past and we are keen on making sure that continues so please update to the latest version when it becomes available.

In the meantime, if you have any further feedback or questions please do let our Customer Success team know!

Take care,