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Update to the Search Pages on Tutorful

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s your friendly neighbourhood Product Manager, Natalie, here! We wanted to provide some context and background around a change we’ve made to our website recently, where we have removed the ability to click on tutor’s profiles on our search landing pages (tutorful.co.uk/search).


Our team is currently working through improving the amount of customers who visit our site and get all the way to booking lessons (we call this the “sales funnel”) and one of the largest areas where we were seeing customers drop off was from the search landing pages (/search) to the search results page.

We ran a few experiments on how to improve the flow so that more customers get to the search results pages, including removing the ability to click on tutor’s profiles on the search landing pages. We ran this as an experiment by testing 50% of customers still being able to click and 50% of customers not being able to click.

We saw a nearly 2% increase in the number of customers moving through to the search results page to see your profiles and not “bouncing” (leaving) the site instead, which means more customers getting to the search results page to view our tutors’ profiles and book a lesson!

What’s next?

We changed our search landing pages and search results page to a grid layout to help customers see more the tutor profiles and make it a more dynamic page.

We are continuing to streamline the search landing pages for their intended purpose (to educate our potential customers about the wonderful tutors available to them), which includes adding in value proposition messaging around why Tutorful and our tutors are so great! We believe it will also help with educating our customers about Tutorful being an online tutoring company. This addition of value proposition and online messaging is coming in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that new addition!

As always, we appreciate your support and continued hard work with us, and we’ll continue working for you to improve our sales funnel so that more customers can find you and book lessons with you!

Kind regards,



If I’m understanding this correctly - there was a very general ‘search’ page which simply consisted of the list of all tutors sorted by ‘recommended’ (meaning algorithm scores).

Some clients were ending up on that page (for some reason? It’s just the page that comes up when they click search?) and not then using the narrower search criteria to find tutors for their subject (or price, availability, etc).

So now clients cannot click on tutors on that general search page, and this has resulted in a 2% increase of clients using the search functionality in the more accurate narrower way?

Correct me if I’m misunderstanding!

However, it seems that if you simply scroll to the bottom of the search landing page and click ‘see more tutors’, the functionality to click on tutors profiles from the search landing page is restored.

Also underneath that, there is a list of (random?) reviews of (random?) tutors, and clients can click on those profiles.

Is there any point having tutors profiles on the search landing page since it is just the top 15 recommended (algoritham scores) on tutorful - but their subject offers are a mishmash of different things, unlikely to be what the client is looking for?

Perhaps just remove that and create more focus for clients to use the search function properly? Or do you think its important for clients to see a selection of tutors before they have even searched?

Again apologies if i’ve completely misunderstood the whole change that was made here!

Good morning Joel!

Thanks so much for your response, I appreciate your thoughts!

That page is where most of our customers land on when searching for tutors on Google or another search engine. It is what we call our “search landing page”. If they have searched for a subject and/or location on Google (like “maths tutor Sheffield”), the page will update to include the subject they initially Googled and the location (hence why it will say "Find your perfect online Maths tutor in Sheffield):

We have tried redirecting our customers directly to the search results page, but unfortunately that did not perform as well as just removing the ability to click tutor profiles.

When customers click on “see more tutors”, that redirects them to our search results page, which is where users are able to search in more detail for tutors (through filtering and sorting), and ultimately where we want our customers to end up.

Hopefully that helps put more context around the feature, do let me know if you have any additional questions, and I really appreciate you taking the time to respond!

Kind regards,



Im confused.
I thought Tutorful was moving to online tuition? Tutors still dont seem to have any clarity on this.
Why are people still searching under city locations for online tuition?
I dont live in a major city either.


I agree it’s confusing, but I think the reason is that even with online tuition, some subjects are taught differently depending on your location in the UK. The Scottish system, for example, is different to English. Furthermore, some subjects like those in the 11+ vary across schools and counties. Still, for most subjects, location shouldn’t make a big difference, so it is an odd and potentially misleading choice. On the other hand, perhaps by including location those who still want face to face will be able to get it even if Tutorful no longer officially offer this anymore.

True, but they’re not massively different (I also tutor Scottish students). For me the main issue is that I use the jobs board for new students- I only rarely get enquiries direct. Mostly on the jobs board there is no indication of student location, which is ok if it really is just online…but it isn’t really because people are still wanting F2F sometimes…so we end up wasting each other’s time when it turns out I’m many hundreds of miles away…

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Hi art82!

We regularly carry out research to find out what potential customers are searching for on Google so that we can do our best to ensure we are high up in the search results. It’s clear that even if people don’t have a preference between in-person and online tutoring, they still often include their location in their initial search.

Even though we are now online-only, including the name of the city they searched for in the landing page allows us to have a better chance of bringing students through to our website. It is purely there to help guide potential students to our website. We’re working to make it clear to them once they have arrived that we are online-only, so if they are dead-set on in-person lessons in their local town, that’s fine and they are free to click back. However, more often than not, they aren’t really sure what they want, which is why we are working hard to ensure that our site is easy to navigate and provides all the information someone needs to find their perfect tutor.

Hope this clears this up, thank you again for taking the time to post!


I don’t understand why when you specifically search by location you can’t click on their profile. This topic doesn’t seem to answer that question.

On the main site you can choose to search by location, which is not the same as a Google search.