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Update to our Tutorful Online Classroom - Post Lesson Access!

Hi all,

I’m just posting to let you all know about the latest update we’ve added to our new Online Classroom, which is the ability to enter the classroom and see the work you’ve done after a lesson!

We know how useful it is to be able to refer back to the work done in a session after it has taken place, and in order to access your lesson, you can either go to your completed lessons tab, and click ‘view lesson’ next to the session in question. You’ll then see an ‘enter classroom’ button, which you can use to go back into the classroom and see the work you’ve done!

Alternatively, you’ll also receive a message from us after your lesson in our new online classroom has been completed with a button that will allow you to enter the session afterwards!

Screenshot 2021-04-15 at 16.12.22

Both students and tutors are able to access the classroom using the ways mentioned above, so if either of you do need to refer back to a bit of work done in a session, you both can easily do so from your accounts! When in this ‘read-only’ mode in the classroom, you won’t be able to make any changes to the whiteboards, and your camera and microphone will be turned off.

If you do have any questions, or any feedback about the classroom, please do let us know - we really do appreciate all the comments that have and are being made!




Hi Nikesh,

I think this is a useful addition but does it have to show as a message notification? Also, I teach some lessons on Skype when my student’s internet isn’t strong enough for the Tutorful classroom and I get notifications on these…is there any way you can filter these out as it will be a blank room for an hour?

Continued thanks


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I was unsure of it at first, and I still don’t think it’s the same as being able to download students’ work to put in a file like I have done…but actually, I think it’s a really good idea! It’s great that both students and parents can look at the work. I’m a fan - thank you for introducing it! :slight_smile:


Hi Kate,

Thank you for sharing this feedback. It’s great to hear that this is a welcome addition! :sparkles:
I have passed your comments about the message notification and access to a blank classroom on to our Product Team. :slight_smile:

Hi Katy,

Thank you for such kind feedback on this new feature release - it’s really great to hear that it’s a welcome addition to the site! :sparkles:

One issue I’ve found, Rachel - when I go to have a look at the completed work, it has often only saved a certain amount of work, which is incredibly frustrating. Sometimes I run over the lessons by five minutes so I understand it won’t save that (though I think you shouldn’t be able to access the classroom until you have at least left the lesson), but it deleted work my student did at least 20 minutes before the end. Please can you find out what is causing this? Thank you!

Hi Katy,

Sorry to hear that this has been happening, it definitely shouldn’t do!

I’ll look into this further for you but I do need a bit of specific information around which lessons were affected - I will send you a private message now. :slight_smile:

Hi Kate I have the same issue when using Zoom for the same reason and I find it really annoying. I always enter the classroom though as the system used to be that you had to enter class to get paid, but I don’t upload anything and then move over to Zoom. Rachel do we still have to enter classroom if we are using zoom etc regularly- would save time if we do not have to and would enable you to devise something so we do not get notification, like Kate suggested.?

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Hi @Manda, I teach all my lessons on Zoom and don’t enter the Tutorful Online Classroom but still get paid so I believe you can save time by not entering it if you’re not using it to teach :blush:

I love your idea about an option not to get notifications about post lesson access if the lesson didn’t take place in the classroom!

Hi Thanks for the info and if we do not enter then obviously we are teaching elsewhere and Tutorful could design something so that lesson doesn’t get the post lesson notification, which is confusing parents when there is nothing in the classoom.

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I love this new feature and my students love it too! In particular, I really like the way I can give homework in session and the student can just get back into the classroom to view it - it’s so much easier for all.

I’m also finding my students aren’t so stressed scribbling down notes because they know they can get back in and view the lesson.

The only (slight) niggle is the message notification every time I finish a lesson - I’m finding myself having to click through them all so I can work out when I have a ‘real’ message… Thanks for the update @Nikesh-Tutorful :smiley:


Hi Rosie Like you I find it a nuisance and time waster to have to click through these to find TRUE messages, especially for the increasing number of students who I am having to use Zoom for, as for one reason or another the lesson doesn’t work on Tutorful. I have always, and still do, sent PPs and worksheets to my students by email so I don’t see what advantage this gives me as I always like to have an email chat after lessons which contributes to my high feedback score. On balance I don’t need this facility and find it annoying to receive these constant messages blocking my system, but that is due to my way of working.