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Update to our Tutorful Online Classroom: More File Formats!


I’m just posting to let you all know of an update we’ve just added to our own online classroom - the ability to upload different types of documents! We know how useful it is to be able to add in Office files to the classroom, and as such our development team has now added this feature to the classroom. To add in different documents, all you need to do is to use the same upload button in the top left hand corner of the classroom, and you’ll now be able to select Office files, such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents from your file manager. Once you’ve done this, we’ll upload and convert the document to a PDF automatically, to allow you to go through and mark up the document, in the same way you’re able to do so for PDFs!

We’re continuously developing the Online Classroom, so please do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions - we want to make sure that our classroom will provide a great experience for our tutors and students, so we really value all the feedback we’ve received so far! :slightly_smiling_face:




That’s brilliant, thank you! Keep the updates and improvements coming! I would love a download button!


Please sort out the numerous glitches and bugs that have recently become a major issue (see the thread in the forum).

In terms of features, I would really appreciate the ability for me and my students to be able to annotate shared screens.


I assume that we will have to do that once we have joined the classroom as I have not found any way of retrieving documents I have previously uploaded in the new classroom?


When will I have access to the new classroom as I am still on the learncube classroom

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Yes definitely second this! I would love to be able to view the slides I’ve made after the lesson is finished, and my students have said this to me too!


Hi everyone, thank you for your comments and feedback!

@katywilson6 and @Julia - you’ll be glad to hear that this is the next big feature our team is working on, and whilst our development team is still working on it, we hope to have the first version of this released soon! This version will allow both you and your student to easily re-enter the classroom through a system message in your messages together, and access a ‘read-only’ version to go through any work you’ve done in the lesson at any time!

@KayleighD This is the case currently with the classroom - documents aren’t currently carried over to following lessons, however this is something we’ve considered adding to the Classroom in the future, and as such I’ve passed your feedback onto our Product and Development team to show the desire for this.

I do appreciate your points in terms of stability @Lewis - we know that there have been a growing number of glitches in the classroom particularly over the last week, and our development team is actively looking into these at the moment, to find the solution to the problem. I’ve also taken your feedback onboard about annotating when sharing screens!

When it comes to the wider rollout of the classroom @ns.tutoring, we’re still developing our own online classroom, and it isn’t quite ready to roll out to all tutors just yet! However, we’re hoping to do so soon - we just want to make sure that it not only contains the features our students and tutors need, but also provides a great experience!


That’s awesome, Thanks!


I have not had any success so far in using the Tutorful classroom. I try it out periodically to see if improvements have been made. I tried it again today but sadly, I had to abandon the lesson half way through and revert back to using zoom. The reason being that I teach young children and need to see the video pane of them at all times. As soon as you share anything the video pane sits behind whatever you share. For example, an ebook, which opens up on the full screen, or a PowerPoint presentation, which takes up the full screen. I haven’t found a way of bringing the video pane of my student in front of whatever I’m sharing on screen. I would be pleased to hear if there is a way of doing this, perhaps I’ve just not discovered this feature yet.

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I have the same problem, and although I have watched a Tutorful video on how to achieve this, I just find it a complete faff lol I never use the screen share option unless I am on Zoom. Wish they would find a way so we can play Youtube clips, for example, as this would be very helpful for my psychology students.

I second this - annotating shared screens would be brilliant. I sometimes use online text books/workbooks and struggle when neither of us can easily annotate the shared screen.

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