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Upcoming Features: Wishlist and Keyword Search

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are all having a marvellous week so far and a great weekend!

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek to some really great new features Tutorful is working on at the moment!


The first one is what we’re calling “My Saved Tutors”, or a wishlist feature that allows our students and parents to save tutors straight from the search results page. If they scroll through the search results page, they’ll be able to save the tutor to their “My Saved Tutors” list and come back to the list at a later date!

This is a highly requested feature by our customers, who oftentimes want to review tutors with a partner and child, and struggle to find the tutor when they come back to the website.

Here’s a sneak preview of what it will look like! :smiley:

Next to the sorting option at the top, you’ll find a “My Saved Tutors” button, which will take the customer to their list of saved tutors. On the tutor profile card, you’ll see a little heart, which will save a tutor to the customer’s saved tutor list.

We hope this will help a lot of our customers save tutors with whom they want to book Free Video Chats or lessons in a much more user friendly way!

Keyword Search

Our second feature is our “keyword search” filter. We’ve added this filter to allow students and parents to filter tutors by keywords in their bio (for example, qualifications, particular genres of music, tutors who support students with SEND, etc.).

An important note is that, at the moment, we’re going to be running this as an experiment to analyse what types of keywords our customers are searching for and how they are using the feature. We will expand the functionality based on our customer and tutor feedback (a future idea, for example, is to expand it beyond the bio and also include taglines, tutors’ names, etc.).

Here’s a sneak preview! :smiley:

Alongside this feature, we will be posting to our tutors in the community to give you some tips and tricks for what type of keywords customers are likely to search, as well as providing our customers with FAQs and tips and tricks for what type of keywords they should be searching. We will work closely with you to make sure these FAQs and tips and tricks represent your thoughts and feedback, as we want this feature to support both you and our students and parents.

Thank you again for letting me share this exciting news with you! Watch this space for further updates on when the features are coming!

Kind regards,



I think these are very good additions :blush:


Ah, here’s a question: if they save a tutor’s profile but then the tutor turns their profile offline, will they still be able to see the profile?

The key word search makes me a bit nervous…it seems like if we don’t include a certain word in our profile then we will be completely out of the running even if we would have been a good fit and our profile would have really appealed to them. It seems to be a bit of over-engineering to me :thinking:


Yeah, my reaction is that I guess I had better optimise my profile for the key word search by checking my competitors profiles and making sure to use all the words they use…!


Hi Dr. Edward!

That’s a really great question and suggestion! Currently, because this is a very early iteration of the feature, they will still be able to see your profile if you turn yourself offline. However, we plan on fixing this in the future! Thanks for the great suggestion!


Hi Katie!

Thanks so much for posting, I appreciate your thoughts! We’re working on creating tips and tricks for our tutors to optimise their profile bio with this new feature in mind. We’re also going to post about how you can optimise your profile to be more “keyword friendly”, but it’s always good to do as JoeL has suggested (great idea!), which is to look at your competitors’ profiles and optimise your profile so that you stand out!

We hope that people will see this as a way to differentiate themselves, rather than an opportunity to be left out, but if that does become apparent, please let us know so that we can work to make it more fair for everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to post, any suggestions you have are always welcome! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


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If all tutors just end up working all the key search words into their profile then what would ultimately be the point of searching for them? Perhaps better to let tutors represent their own unique selves in their profile, rather than tutors all thinking they have to make their profile an amalgamation of key words and then all profiles looking the same. That is surely the rational reaction a tutor would have to this functionality.

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Hi Joel!

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Our intention with the keyword search was certainly to help our tutors differentiate themselves and put information in their bios that gives them the opportunity to show their individuality and unique attributes that make them special and stand out!

My suggestion to look at competitors is my bread and butter as a Product Manager, as one of the key aspects of my role is to constantly look at our competitors to find ways we can differentiate ourselves and make our platform better than our competitors, so I’m always a huge proponent of competitor analysis, my suggestion was pure of intention!

Kind regards,


Hi Natalie,

Potential clients might be confused if tutors that they saved mysteriously disappear. A possible solution, and this is just a suggestion, could be that if they save a tutor’s profile and the tutor turns their profile offline, then the client will still see the tutor, but, if the potential client contacts them while their profile is offline then the tutor’s response time and booking score are not affected.

Hi Dr. Edward,

That’s a great suggestion, I really dig it. I’ll add that to our list of ideas for next steps on the wishlist, and take your feedback to my team! :slight_smile: We also thought that we keep the tutor in the wishlist, but put a label on the tutor’s profile card that says “Tutor is currently offline”, so that the student can still have access to the tutor’s profile, but it doesn’t let them contact the tutor until they’re back online. I really like your idea as well!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi Natalie,

I was actually just about to edit my reply and suggest that clients can see that they’ve turned their profile offline. I think clients should still be able to message them, but with the offline status it could be made clear that the client is probably less likely to hear back from the tutor.

Great minds! :slight_smile: Yep, I like your suggestion a lot, and think it’s a lot nicer for the tutors because they can see the message and decide if they want to go back online, or message the student back at a later date! Fabulous feedback, thanks for taking the time to share! :slight_smile:



I think the only way that could work would be if you restrict tutors to using only some of the key words, otherwise why wouldn’t every tutor just put all the key words into their profile since that would ensure they appear on more searches?

I’m sure the intention is great! I’m just concerned about how tutors would realistically end up using it. I for one would absolutely just find a way to work all the key words into my profile because it is in my interest to do so, and if all tutors did that then it wouldn’t add anything to the current search functionality.

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Hi Joel,

I think you’re over-thinking it. You can try that strategy but for people with very specialist knowledge with few people who can also teach that topic then the keyword search is very helpful.

For example, if I put ‘phosphoramidate’ on my profile and someone searched that then they’d find probably the only person on the website with specialist knowledge about that topic.

Edit: My comment only applies if the keywords are not restricted to specific list, and that the keyword search applies to all words on a tutor’s profile.

I can see that making sense for very specialist knowledge yes.

I think the problem is that, so far, there is no evidence to suggest that this will be limited to specialist terms. Look at the example given: one of them is ‘friendly’. So now if a tutor doesn’t mention somewhere on their profile that they’re friendly (and use that exact word or a close enough approximation that the search engine picks it up) then they’re instantly going to drop out of search results.

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@Dr_Edward_James they might not be mentally impaired, they might just be a boomer about technology!

Writing these words because it won’t let me just post these emojis:


Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you all for your thoughts and feedback on the keyword search feature. We envisaged the keyword search as a feature that will help our students and parents find tutors that have qualities, characteristics, and particular skills/qualifications/styles/etc. that they need to support their childs’ learning.

Some of the comments here has been around whether we should provide users the ability to search for keywords like “friendly”. There are many children and students who struggle with school and feel embarrassed or nervous about having to get a tutor to help them, and having a tutor who is friendly and supportive is certainly a valuable characteristic for the student to feel more comfortable about receiving tutoring.

Tutorful is an inclusive platform, and we work really hard to make sure that all of our students and parents are finding tutors that are right for them, including tutors who are friendly.

We are always grateful for your opinions and feedback, and are more than happy to support making changes based on the excellent ideas and feedback that come from our tutors. I would like to remind you that we are human beings who are working to do the best we can, as are the people we serve (parents, students, and tutors), and we spend a lot of time ensuring that our platform is user friendly and meets them at their level, so comments that are not inclusive are not acceptable. Please be kind and think about how people will feel when reading your responses, and if you have a question or comment that you aren’t sure will be taken well, please refrain.

Thank you again for your support, I really appreciate those of you who comment and provide constructive feedback, and want to encourage you to do so!

Kind regards,