Tutors Taglines

What has happened to the taglines of all the tutors?

They seem to have been replaced with generic lines which are automatically generated and change each time. Some of them seem quite bad though… ‘A Maths Tutor’ for example.


They disappeared a few months ago when the layout of the search page was changed.


I’ve noticed that as well! That’s very weird! Totally different from what I have written on my taglines. Hope Tutorful could give an explanation about this. :sweat_smile:

It is very weird to give a tutor without any teaching hours with “Highly experienced Tutor with proven results” tagline while give tutors who have taught more than 1000+ hours just “Expereinced Tutor” or even without “Experiencd” just “Subject Tutor” :frowning_face:

You can go to check your tagline again you will see you tag has been automatically changed. :joy:

Oh, mine says outstanding tutor. I don’t like that the first impressions of us are an image and text we didn’t even write. Also, reading through them all, it just feels impersonal. One person near me has “every student takes away a smile” which is just really cheesy.
Tutorful can you please go back to us writing our own?!
Also, has the ordering system gone back to normal or is it still random? Yesterday I was at the top of the first page and now I’m on the second page.
Edit: I just checked again an hour later and now I’m on the third page. I’m started to get very disheartened with the changes being made on this site. I’ve already signed up to another and I’m just going to phase over to that one :frowning:

Me too.

Apparently I have morphed into “A passionate Motivational Tutor”
Maybe I always was but …

I much preferred being a specialist in Scottish exams. That is true , different and effective with parents whose offspring have Scottish exams coming up.

The lists of Tutors are full of Buzzwords involving passion OR experience (even if very few lessons logged yet) OR Patience OR Friendly.

Yet if you search for keywords the Taglines are not included in the search.

Come on Tutorful
and return to the old system where the tutors once again write their key highest impact line themselves.

Friendly experienced and passionate sounds more like a dating app. Please don’t extend scheme and add in “good sense of humour” to a random selection of tutors


Where/how can I see these taglines?

Just click the tutorful logo at the top left of the page (if on a computer) and search your subject and level. It’s where we are advertised to the students.

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if this change to automatic taglines turns out to be part of the data-gathering exercise they’re running; they might be trying to work out if taglines makes a difference to students choosing a tutor and, if so, trying to quantify it. If that’s not the case then I can’t see the point of the change. Removing the the taglines to streamline the search results was one thing, but changing them to random generic phrases is quite another.


Personally I was not aware of this change until very recently. Very few enquiries over the summer is normal it was zero this year) and with it being holiday time I was not overly concerned.

However, I have had not a single enquiry, as yet, in August. Could it be that the new tagline has caused that ? I will find out on and soon after the 9th when Scottish exam results come out which normally creates my busiest time for new enquiries.

Perhaps I should be glad that I was not dealt the tagline “Every student takes away a smile”
yes that tagline does exist.

I really don’t want to sound like a grumpy tutor.

Post Script.
Just come across the tagline
“Dynamic Language Lessons Tailored to Your Needs”

Extensively tailored I would suggest - the Guy teaches Maths and Chemistry…only

I got 2 new students this week, both on the same day, and they’re the only new students I’ve seen in months (apart from one referral from another student). I’ve always been fine getting new students over summer, so I’ve been very concerned for weeks. I’ve had more cancellations over summer than usual too, which hasn’t helped.
I think the tag lines do make a difference. I make a point of putting in mine that I’m a qualified and experienced teacher and examiner, and a lot of parents for GCSE are looking for exactly that. There’s also been a lot of shuffling system that puts us in order on the search results, which is very frustrating and has probably not helped too.

That is such a badly written tag line. It would be funny if the majority of my income didn’t rely on this site at the moment, but right now it just makes me feel frustrated and very worried.

Mine says ‘Experienced Maths and Science tutor’ yet I am the first tutor on Psychology A Level search page. I do teach Maths, Science and English, but the first part of my bio explains about my psychology background and experience. Happy to be first, but if I was a parent, I would find that confusing. I find it confusing myself :rofl:

Mine is what I wrote myself so I don’t seem to be having this issue.

I have just heard, from by telephone help desk, that the experiment will end tomorrow.
Can somebody confirm this?

Which would be welcome news to me because my tagline was, apparently, been changed to something far less effective at the start of August.

Zero enquiries so far this month…

Thanks for letting us know! I wish they’d stop messing with this stuff!

You were right, the taglines are back to normal now

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