Tutors beware Strange stuff comes up

Tutors beware.

Strange stuff comes up. If you get one of those odd enquiries where the parent doesn’t know what his son or daughter is doing in the subject, but needs tutoring. And when you get in touch with the student, and they don’t know what they are doing either, a big red alarm light should go off. Witness this recent message I needed to send, with caveats, to explain why I was asked to cancel a lesson. Weird stuff!!

“ I need to place on record that, after exchanging WhatsApp and email correspondence with me relating to an appropriate start point for your son’s physics lesson, you phoned me directly today and asked me to talk to your son. I engaged your son on what he was struggling with. You then took back the call and advised that I should cancel the lesson. The reason advanced being that your son could not understand my accent. I have cancelled the lesson as per your instructions. I wish you well finding an appropriate tutor for your son.


Alex Sutherland”

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That really is very odd. I’m wracking my brains as to why they’d do something like that!

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