Tutoring on your CV


I’ve been tutoring for about three years now, and since I’m going to be graduating next year (fingers crossed!), I am starting to think about applying for a job in my own field.

I’ve had some great experiences tutoring and I’ve worked pretty much full time on it, so I would really like to include it in my resume. Does anyone have any good advice on how to do this well?

What do you think of directly linking your Tutorful profile in your CV, or sharing your reviews?

Despite that, I know I’ll never stop completely and always keep at least a few students!

I would put it on my CV in the employment section as full-time self employed. I would mention that I received positive reviews and maybe some brief quotes (a few words) within a sentence, but I don’t think I would have much more than that. A link writen in full (since the CVs may be printed out) may be a good idea if you are going into a job particularity relevant to it and you say why it’s there, but in general I would avoid links.

Exactly how your CV and cover letter is written will depend on your field and the job you are going for, so it may be different for you. If you’re applying for work with no direct relevance to tutoring, you could emphasise the full-time self employed nature of it and the transferable skills from that. If you will be working with young people you can emphasise that side of tutoring, and so on.

Good luck with the job hunting!