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Tutoring Code without doing assignment for them

Hi all,

I tutor MATLAB which is a coding language. Students usually come to me with assignments that they have tried solving but either totally got stuck or had some errors.

Usually I ask them before the lesson to send me the assignment file so that I can solve it before the class since with coding I don’t always have the theoretical knowledge about the assignment (could be physics or engineering) and I need offline time to learn the theory before solving the assignment in code.

What I do in class is that I go over the assignment with the student and solve the code (with them but really I do most of the talking). I make sure that they understand everything but sometimes I just feel like I might be doing it for them.

Any tips on other methods of how I can help students with coding?



I don’t teach coding but I would give them alternative questions that need the same knowledge and tools that they need for their assignment, but they have to be able to apply it to their assignment. So you are not spoon feeding them directly, but giving them the tools to be able to do it.
You could also find out where they have gone wrong, do a lesson on that area in a different context then they have to apply it to their assignment.
This might not work for coding, but it’s just an idea.



I hope you’re well. Plagiarism is definitely something to be conscious of when helping a student!

We would keep in mind you aren’t able to write the assignment for them. You can find out more regarding our stance on plagiarism here.

If you’re ever unsure of a student’s query, there are some indications that are more often than not red flags! Quite often a student won’t specifically tell you that they are wanting help with an exam or coursework, they will just be very specific about dates and times the tutoring should take place - often for 2-3 hours and in quick succession. They also will mention they don’t have the questions they are seeking help with but will have them during this specific time slot - this is usually a clear indicator that something isn’t quite right!