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Tutorful's Fixing Things!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a lovely week so far!

Last week, we formed an internal project team to tackle some of the most common issues raised to our Customer Success team by our tutors and our students and I am very pleased to say that we were able to fix quite a few! We wanted to share with you what we worked on, both to keep communication open between us and you, but also to encourage you to continue raising issues to our CS team, so that we can work to fix them!

Here’s a list of the things that were fixed:

  • Allow users to book a free video chat if the subject is not specified:

We’ve now fixed a really commonly raised issue where our students aren’t able to book a free video chat if they have not selected a subject. We’re now providing a subject drop down menu on the free video chat pop-up, which should resolve the issue!

  • Add a link to our new Resources Portal for our tutors:

You can now find a link to our amazing new Resources Portal in the dropdown menu in the navigation bar! If you have any suggestions around what resources you’d like to see, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

  • Fix magic link issues:

A lot of our users were struggling with logging in through our magic link feature (allows users to log in via email rather than an email/password combo). We’ve added in some additional language and a handy infographic that shows users what they need to do once they’ve clicked on the magic link from their email!

  • Remove reminders sent to tutors who have said they can’t help a student:

We know a lot of you have experienced this issue in that when you’ve said you can’t help a student, you still receive reminders to reply to students’ messages. This is now fixed, and you should no longer be reminded to reply to students you’ve said you can’t help.

  • Show a ‘still studying’ mark on a tutors profile if they indicate they are still studying a qualification

This will allow you to display your qualifications in a way that inform students and parents you are still studying your qualification.

  • Show all subjects selected by a tutor on their profile

There was a bug where if the tutor selected certain subjects, it that meant all subjects weren’t appearing, we have now resolved this.

We’re continually working to improve our platform, and the team worked hard to make sure we prioritised and focused on commonly raised issues, and we hope that it makes your lives easier when booking lessons and tutoring students!

Please continue raising issues to our CS team, we are always happy to get feedback so we can improve our platform!

Kindest regards,