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Tutorful’s new identity is revealed!

Hello everyone.

I have exciting news about Tutorful’s new brand identity and wanted to share it here first.

Back in 2015, with nothing but a basic website, a telephone, and a paper directory of tutors, we set off on our mission to ensure that students across the Sheffield area had access to trustworthy, experienced tutors.

Six years on and Tutorful has grown and evolved more than we ever could have imagined.

Today we launch a brand new identity & look and feel for the Tutorful website and apps. Please take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think.

We wanted our brand to not only reflect the benefits that online tutoring can bring to an educational journey, but also provide clarity around what we represent as a brand. This seems even more prudent now that we’re on the brink of a huge milestone as we reach our 2,000,000th lesson on Tutorful!

Whilst we’ve always loved our website, we didn’t feel that it showcased a visual identity that was truly representative of Tutorful and where we are going. We want it to resonate with our audience, inspire trust and confidence in Tutorful, and represent the values that we hold dearly.

We believe we are building a recognisable brand - something that people can associate with a fantastic choice of tutors, an outstanding online experience, and our vision of providing the highest quality of online tutoring to help unlock a child’s true potential.

We’re also delighted to say we are now an international company, with the launch of our Irish site, with many more markets to come. We believe our new look and feel will help us spread our message throughout the continent.

We had the pleasure of working with the incredible folks at Output who helped us understand the needs of our target market and create an identity that is accessible, easy to navigate, and looks fantastic.

We also held a number of focus groups to get realistic feedback on the new designs, so that we could ensure our website worked for the people who would actually be using it. We’ll keep listening and evolving and building on the work that we are releasing today

Although the site will look very different, nothing will change as far as usability - lessons will still be accessed in the exact same way, they will just be housed on sites and apps that are more reflective of who we are as a company.

We’re delighted that Tutorful has a fresh new identity - one which we hope you will love as much as we do!

I can’t thank everyone enough for being part of our journey - we’d have never made it this far without your support. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on our upcoming plans, but until then - go check out our new site!



Thanks for the update Mark!


So exciting, really happy to be a part of this exciting next step for Tutorful! :slight_smile:


I’ve taken a look at the new website and I don’t see any problems with it. It is clearly more online-focused which is the direction the company is going in at the moment. It’s still got a simplicity to it which is good. I did like the previous branding but the current aesthetics probably reflect the realities of teaching online a little better.


Got to be completely honest, I’m struggling with it and really liked it how it was. However, I am the sort of person who takes a while to adjust to it. I think it’s more child-focused, which is possibly the aim. I don’t dislike it, just will take me a while to adjust to it.


Got to be honest, I cannot see any major changes lol :woman_shrugging: just wish they would sort out the requests for lessons that are not online which are still coming through regularly.

There’s nothing really that different apart from the colours and logo. I am surprised you can still browse by location. I thought that was all going with this new website.
I liked the old logo better, it was compact and the colours were nice. But I’m not a qualified marketing person, so what do I know.
Good luck with it.

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Love the new logo - I think it’s more contemporary. On the whole, I think it looks pretty swish! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I can see why a marketing PR company thought it was a good idea. More contemporary and online focus. More importantly what does the company pay and do to be high up in an online search? That to me is critical so we still receive high quality students.

I used it last night and it was jittery - the photo and chat part kept moving! Luckily, that wasn’t the case for the documents I was doing.
Incidentally, most of my students are adults, not children.

I just had to cancel a lesson with a child because of that issue. Their screen kept shaking and it didn’t settle down for them. Not exactly what I’d call ‘an outstanding online experience’!

Sorry to hear that Lewis. Are you able to drop a message to support@tutorful.co.uk with some details of the problem, and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

As expected, I have come round to the new look and I really like it now! It’s quirky and interesting and a bit more focused on personality. The design team have done a great job!

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Hi Katy!

Thanks so much for saying that! :slight_smile: Our designers and the team worked really hard on it, so they’ll love to hear the feedback, I will pass it along! Have a lovely evening!

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