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Tutorful - PLEASE make it more obvious that lessons are just online

Being a piano teacher, I’m becoming immensely frustrated at getting constantly messaged by people who assume I’m available for in-person teaching. People are obviously doing Google searches such as ‘piano teachers in…(name of town or city),’ and stumbling across my profile. What I’m very annoyed about is my booking score getting plundered because I obviously cannot make these bookings.

Also there are currently two jobs being advertised for piano teachers, and both advertisers expect the teachers to come to their house. This issue really needs to be addressed, because it’s not on that booking scores can be severely dented through no fault of the tutor.

PS. I’ve just noticed a similarly-titled thread from 3 months ago: Could we make it more obvious to the new students that it's "online only"?

Tutorful said on that thread that this issue is being looked into, but it seems apparent that nothing has been done to tackle this very serious problem.

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You can ring up tutorful and they will ensure that it won’t affect your scores.