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Any idea why REC is showing on my classroom, with a red button by it? My student is worried it is recording!

Hi @Kitty,

That is to show that the lesson is being recorded. We do record online lessons as outlined in our privacy policy:
“We record all online lessons that take place through our platform, store any files you may upload to the online classroom and data on any interactions you may have in the classroom.”

We store your lesson recordings for safeguarding purposes and to ensure quality.

Ha! I’ve just never seen the button!

What if someone doesn’t want to be recorded?

Hi Rachel

I’ve got another issue, I can’t see the chat when a student has typed something? I can see what I’ve put but not them.

Any ideas?


I would recommend that if anyone is feeling unsure about lesson recordings, they refer to our Privacy Policy for reassurance on how their data is used and stored and also their legal rights surrounding their data.

If they still have any concerns or questions around lessons being recorded, I’d advise getting in touch with us at support@tutorful.co.uk so that we can advise and support them further based on individual circumstances.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with the chat feature @Kitty - I’m not sure why that would be happening.

Can the student see what you have entered into the chat box on their side?

Is the student definitely sending the text that they enter into the box by hitting the send button?

Have the lessons always been recorded? Do students know about this?

Hi @katywilson6,

Online lessons have always been recorded prior to April 2020 and are recorded in our new classroom. This is visible to tutors and students/parents in our Privacy Policy.

As of November 2019, students/parents have also been made aware of this on the form where they enter their card details which outlines that we store recordings of online lessons to help with safeguarding and ensuring quality - they are directed to our Privacy Policy for further information.

Do you ever listen to the recordings? Can tutors request them at all?

One of my parents is VERY unhappy about being recorded and to be honest, I think most of my students will be upset about it. I do understand for safeguarding purposes but can you explain what will happen with the recordings please?

Please be assured that one of Tutorful’s primary goals is to ensure the safety of our tutors and students.

Thousands of lessons are delivered every week on our platform and we don’t view recordings of each lesson that takes place. However, it is important that recordings are available should we need to view them.

Recordings are only viewed if there is a justified reason for doing so, such as a safeguarding concern, medical concern or for technical reasons (as outlined in our Privacy Policy). Recordings would never be shared without prior consent. We store lesson recordings securely and access to the recordings is logged. Recordings are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time.

We have found that many students, parents and tutors feel more comfortable knowing sessions are recorded as it provides further assurance in relation to safeguarding and security.

We have many tutors and students who ask for recordings to revisit learning from a session. Tutors and students cannot access the recordings through the site currently but this is something we may look to add in the future.

We would always welcome anyone to get in touch should they have questions or want further reassurance relating to this which I would advise suggesting to any students or parents if you would like to do so as a tutor.


Thank you, Rachel, this is very encouraging. Personally, I am absolutely not bothered by the recording (I’m not really a fan, but it’s not an issue) because I really understand the safeguarding rule. My only issue (and it’s very small) is that I don’t remember being told that lessons were being recorded, and I think that should have been made clearer to tutors. But I completely trust Tutorful to store it safely. I’m not sure why my parent was so adamant against being recorded, but I told her to get in touch with you so fingers crossed it can be resolved.


Is there the possibility to request that parents withdraw consent? My student has requested that Tutorful do not record their children and was told that Tutorful would not, but now I think she’s going to stop having lessons through this forum which would be a shame. I think that Tutorful should listen to parents’ concerns about this.


Katywilson6 I don’t remember being told that all lessons are recorded either- this has taken me by surprise to find this out on here today.

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