Tutorful Classes so far - A discussion

What is the experience of everyone participating in the Tutorful Classes programme so far? For the most part, I’ve loved it, and it’s been a fantastic way for me to move towards teaching more students, and practicing the gamification of Maths! I run the Roblox Maths Camp if anyone is wondering, and make my own games on Roblox to support that.

However, I’m still experiencing technical issues aplenty with LessonSpace, and it’s very hard to diagnose issues when you’re trying to run a class of 10 - especially when you only know the child’s name, and Tutorful only knows the parent, and if you can’t communicate with the child properly because of audio issues for example… you’re out of luck trying to report anything to Tutorful to resolve the issues in the future. It’s still incredibly useful to have the child’s name on the tiles, but perhaps having both names on the tile would be better? Perhaps PARENT NAME - STUDENT NAME, like “Darran - Jon”.

Love to hear what everyone else thinks!


Hi there

This is a really interesting post. I have been so busy, I didn’t even know about the the Tutorful Classes programme. Since you teach Maths, I have some excellent resources you might find helpful.


Hey Glenn, it’s a bit small at the moment, but I know they have lots of plans to expand. I’d love to know what resources these are!

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I have put in several classes over the last few months and nothing. Then, a few weeks ago, one student signed up for the class but as it was only one student, I asked for the lesson to be cancelled.
Again, only one student signed up for the new class I put up. I’m starting to think group classes aren’t taking off, well at least for me.


Hey Sarah, that’s unfortunate. What kind of classes have you been submitting? Tutorful mentioned to me the other day that core subject classes and classes for children aged 7-11 seem to be having the most success at the moment if that helps at all!

I had only one student sign up to one of my classes (I offered a 2pm slot to see how many homeschoolers jumped on it), but I went ahead with it anyway as Tutorful offer that ‘minimum three students offer’ where they pay the difference, so it made it worthwhile for me in the end. Glad I did too honestly, as the kid that I have for that class is hilarious :joy:


At first, it was a fun history class when they first started this. Then, tutorful offered to try this class again (GCSE age). After still no takers, they advised me to do the core subjects. So, I’m doing English topics (GCSE) and Psychology A-Level. I’m offering timeslots in the evening. Maybe fourth time lucky. If they had reminded me about the ‘student offer’ I might have not cancelled the course.

I’ve just looked on my dashboard and I have more students, yay

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How much do you get paid for Tutorful classes? Do you set a rate, is it paid per student attended? How does it work?

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Tutorful are setting the rates at the moment, you can negotiate it if you think they’re wrong but they took the time to explain why they’re positioning my classes at £10 an hour, and I got on board with that for the meantime. I’m certain I’d be able to charge more in the future based off of what some Americans charge for similar classes, but thats an a much more established platform so it’s still early days for Tutorful Classes.

You get up to 10 students per class, and they take 30% commission from that - so in total, with a full class I charge £100 an hour and they take £30, so an actual rate of £70 an hour. With five sessions per class (everyones vary) I make a total of £350 for putting on a class.

My classes fill up nicely if I only put on a few, but more recently I’ve been offering alot so they fill up about roughly half way on average.

If the class only has 1 or 2 students, for now Tutorful also pay the difference to reach 3 students, not sure how long they’ll keep doing that but it’s allowed me to experiment with timings.

They also don’t allow weekends yet as they can’t cover it for customer service, but im REALLY looking forward to that as I can offer lots of my classes and then, and still keep my 1-2-1s I have left! Been focussing alot on improving my classes as of late.

Let me know if you have any more questions, don’t mind elaborating on anything :slight_smile:

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Hello, just a quick question as I thought about offering these come September when many of my students will have completed their GCSEs and A Levels. If you only get 3 students then you get £30 and they take 30% commission off of that? And you get to offer it a number of times which is decided by Tutorful?

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Well for you it’d be slightly different I reckon, as the GCSE / A-Level classes that show up are commanding slightly higher rates from what I’ve seen, £12 an hour per student. But yeh, the commission is 30% either way, so £36 at the minimum, with £10.80 taken as commission making it a minimum of £25.20 per hour for a three-student class - and £84 per hour for a full class.

As far as offering the class goes, my experience has been that you decide the number of sessions per class (although no doubt they’ll let you know if they think it’s too few / too many), and they’ll decide how many classes you can put on presently. My classes are all very much aimed at the primary level though, so I’ve no idea what putting on classes has been like past that for secondary!

Thank you so much that’s really helpful! What was the proposal meeting with Tutorful like?

So I was one of the first tutors to put a class up, so I don’t think they do it the same way now - but I had a Zoom (I think) meeting with Tutorful, and the co-founder Mark Hughes was there too! I was basically quizzed on what my idea was, why I wanted to teach it and why I thought it’d be successful. There was another tutor in the meeting too who had much the same asked of her. We also talked about lots of different facets of the Classes project, and what we thought of them like pricing, etc. They were feeling out whether we thought anything needed changing, but it was all well thought out from the get-go imo.

Nowadays, I just submit a Typeform of what my class will entail, usually after a couple of emails back and forth with Eleanor (the Classes Lead), and then confirm a few things after the fact about timings, etc. I’ve no idea if they onboard new Class Tutors differently a few months on.

I’ve set up a couple of classes which went live yesterday, was wondering how long it took for people to sign up to your classes or if you did anything to advertise it?

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It was a slow build of sign-ups at first, and pretty much every class I’ve put on had the sign-ups double or more in the few days leading up to the class starting. I think that was mainly because of how Tutorful was advertising Classes on their site chronologically, so I’m not sure how things will change when they update the Classes platform!

As for advertising my classes, I’m on every social media, and actively engage with people all the time about my classes and Roblox games. It all depends on where your target market is. What are your classes?

Also maths but not as exciting as roblox :joy: I’ve got a fractions masterclass, and a ks2 Kahoot maths camp. I’ve put it on all my social media’s to see if any friends or their siblings are interested. Tried to put it on some Facebook tutoring groups. I’m considering opening dedicated social media pages for my tutoring (insta and tiktok probably) but not sure if it’s worth the hassle if it’ll actually make a difference for me. I’m a student so just trying to balance everything!

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Still fun classes from what I just read of the description :grin: for the Facebook tutoring groups, they’re very strict about advertising posts, but not nearly as much about comments, so keep an eye out for any relevant posts from other people and drop a comment on there! It’s certainly made a difference for me, but I’ve been focussing on it quite a bit the past few months and it took a little while to start building up to anything. I can certainly see it picking up steam now though!

Tutorful you have a problem.
I was surfing through the website as seen by the public …as one does.

I clicked
Group classes / Easter classes/ Age 4-7

2 classes offered - fair enough its a niche market.
One of which is GCSE maths revision. Surely not ??

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@abbie_tutorful take a look at this

Hi @012gogaj & @Philip,

Thanks so much for raising this with me, I’ll be sure to let our Classes Team and Product Team know!

Abbie :smile: