Tutor User Interface/Experience Suggestions for Improvements

Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Years break!

I’d like to start an open discussion about ways to streamline tutors organisation and efficiency in booking, maintaining and correspondence in the Tutorial website and app.

Some suggestions I have are as follows:

  1. I have ‘unread’ messages after I have edited/cancelled a lesson. I don’t really understand why this is the case, sure it might be unread for my students, but I was there when I edited/cancelled the lesson, I don’t need to re-read a booking adjustment I made after I’ve done it. It’s a mild OCD thing but can make actual student messages stand out more when I receive them.

  2. Have messages, availability and the lessons diary as a weekly/monthly calendar format.

Having messages in a calendar format can help decipher the date of the message, and thus a clearer picture of how urgent it may be to correspond to a student. The linear format of messages can currently get tied in with my first point, where editing/cancelling a lesson get put in to a recent spate of correspondence with students, making it visually difficult sometimes to know where a particular students message has ended up.

Availability in a calendar format, that is linked to the tutor’s lesson diary I feel could seriously streamline the efficiency of bookings. Treating it like the way you view/book when looking for seats at the cinema, seeing that the tutor is booked from 5pm-7pm on a Monday for example. This saves a lot of time as opposed to manually editing the availability every time a tutor gets a new booking. Of course not showing any personal details of students to other ‘would be’ students, just showing that the time slot is occupied, like a seat at the cinema.

Lesson diary in a calendar format for me would be fantastic, the linear format works well but to get a quick overview of the week/month as opposed to scrolling down a linear list of lessons can not only help with time management, but help me plan everything else outside of my tutoring.

  1. Deleting/hiding old messages from students that are either no longer continuing with lessons or didn’t book anything.

This is just a spring cleaning attitude of messages, putting more focus on the students that tutors are actually engaging with.

  1. Notifications, sometimes I get notifications from the app, but recently I’ve only had txt messages from Tutorful, this isn’t a huge inconvenience but I’d sooner have the notifications from the app rather than end up with 20 txt messages on my phone.

That’s all I’ve got for now, all in all I feel Tutorful’s system works brilliantly, but there’s more potential to get more out of it which will be beneficial for all parties.

Look forward to suggestions!

Many thanks



All great suggestions! I would also be very happy with changes like these.

I agree more with hiding old messages from students that are no longer continuing lessons or who have simply finished their exams - perhaps storing them in a different page/category, since there’s always the chance they might message you again.

Also, being able to add the student’s name to what is usually the parent’s name on the client’s account would be super useful, so I can remember who they are more easily!

Totally agree with the notifications thing - it is certainly a waste of time to click through messages just to get rid of the notification caused by my editing/deleting a lesson or the notification to view the lesson whiteboard thing, which I almost never even use in my subject anyway.

I would add that when requesting a lesson, students should be required to choose a lesson duration, and if they choose an hour the system should not let them choose a half hour slot which is before a booked slot like it currently does.

One more thing - I keep getting students requesting lesson times when I already have a booked lesson, that shouldn’t be possible.

edit: oh, and the link to messages in email notifications of a message is still a link to the old messaging system and so doesn’t work.

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It would be great to have “lists” of students or the ability to hide or archive some. I don’t need to see past students, only current ones

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Here’s one thing I miss quite a bit…

You used to be able to click on a student and see all their lessons in one place. If, for example, they asked you to cancel the next two/three lessons (e.g. Christmas) you could do that in one place. I don’t think this is possible any more. You have to go through the calendar and find their lessons in amongst all the rest, which can be quite slow.

Obviously, I have no idea why this was changed! It was much better before.


Hi all, some great suggestions here on ways to streamline tutor workflow, etc, thank you! We’ve been discussing ways to improve keeping availability accurate - we’ll share more on this as we progress things to get your feedback. We’ll look into some of the reported issues above and report back.

@Duncan_Petrus, regarding no longer receiving push notifications from the app, can I confirm that you’ve still got notifications enabled in the app and the phone operating system? And are you using an iOS or Android phone please?