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Hi everyone!

I’m Eve and I work for the Tutor Success team at Tutorful. We’re working on some really exciting things behind the scenes at the moment, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about something that we have planned for you. :blush:

We’re hoping to produce a load of new resources for our tutors, which will cover a range of topics to help you get the most out of your tutoring business! These will be easily accessible and will potentially take the form of videos, articles, guides and top tips, among others.

However, we’d really like to get your views on how you’d like this information to be delivered, so that we can make sure our resources are as helpful as possible to you!

Do you prefer having videos to talk you through content, reading through articles, or being given information in short, bite-sized chunks? Please let me know what you think would be most useful, as well as any ideas for topics that you’d like to see addressed.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Thanks :star:


Hi I think both options would work well! If honest sometimes videos are the east option but I like something to read and if I need to review I can go back to them!!

What sort of topics would the information cover? Who would it be aimed at?

I’m not sure if this is exactly what is the point of it but I would really like some resources on teaching techniques especially since I dont have a teaching background

In general I find blog style articles (like on medium) most useful but videos can be good too if they are engaging and not too long

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Hi Eve

Sounds like a great plan for me I think I’ve been doing it long enough not to need too much but when I was starting out in the early days.

I would love some tips from other tutors on how they managed their business. Some advice on how to grow your business

How to keep busy through summer. Recommendations and knowledge of common tools tutors use like free whiteboards sharing tools accounts packages. Easy web tools to alert you on important exam dates etc.

I would prefer a lesson format like a successful well known tutor and how they made it. A bit of inspiration and guidance.

Now I feel like I know it all even thought there is always something to learn and always ways to better yourself. But I think that would be quite useful.


Please don’t sound so enthusiastic about things.
There have been several “exciting” changes recently which have been anything but.
For example, the new classroom has a few improvements ober the old one, but the icons are less helpful. The pencil, in particular is counter-intuitive.
Both i and my students miss the old disk icon and the ability to down load specific pages from the lesson. Much less cumbersome than recording the whole lesson, having to replay it and use snip and sketch to save the relevant bits.
The move to on-line only is also frustrating.
The theory that it will prevent people from going off Tutorful to either cash payments or another portal seems flawed to me. The new free on-line chat sessions which I haven’t had the need or opportunity to use may well offer similar ways to get around Tutorful control. In any event I could, by using email and or phone number exchanges use these methods - I don’t, but I find that they are necessary for the forwarding of homework so that lesson time isn’t wasted on assessing this.


Watching online tutoring videos is always helpful as we can add other techniques and methods to teach in our class, more specifically to see examples of online language tutoring videos for example that would be interesting.

Maybe I’m a traditionalist for I prefer reading through articles, or being given information in short, bite-sized chunks, but I’m not adverse to the former.

i am having issue with speed of change without genuine consultation. can you inlude me into this