Troble Accessing Free Video Chat

My student and I are having trouble accessing the Free Video Chat. They requested it, and I accepted but I couldn’t find a link to take us to the call. How are we supposed to meet?

They need to confirm the free video chat before it is booked.

Once it is booked you can find it in your ‘lessons’ tab and if you click on it there it will take you to a page with its time/date details and a link to the online classroom for it.

This is yet another example of Tutorful increasingly making life more difficult for tutors. Thanks to them, I have lost another potential student. The student cancelled a free video chat at the last moment. I tried to reschedule it for an hour later, then two hours later. Tutorful prevented me from doing this, so I suggested to the student that they attempt to request it again. They informed me that Tutorful prevented them too. I have now had to apologise to the student, informing them that Tutorful have blocked them from rescheduling.

Over the Christmas holidays, they requested that tutors change their availability over the holiday period so that their score wouldn’t be affected. They neglected to take into account that there is no provision made for this on the calendar.

These increasing technical problems have only began to emerge relatively recently, so it is not unreasonable for tutors and potential students to wonder what on earth is going on.