Training on Tutorful? 🤔

Hey Guys!

I’m Jess, the Tutor Quality Lead at Tutorful, and I have a couple of questions that I would really appreciate some feedback on. :grinning:

As you guys know, we have released lots of new features over the past year and those features have changed how you use the site. These include message requests, free video chats, availability calendar, feedback and more!

I was just wondering if you feel comfortable using these features, I am sure that many of you do, and if you do, did you feel comfortable straight away or did it take you some time to get used to them?

Would training on how to use the new features be helpful for you? I have a few things I am thinking of, so just wanted to know what would work best for you! We do train all of our new tutors who join as they attend a training seminar before they are set live.

Could you let me know if say a live seminar with a member of the team would suit you, or if you would prefer to watch a training video either on your dashboard or sent in an email?

Completely open to any suggestions and feedback you have too. :speaking_head:



Hi Jess,

I think most of the features on tutorful are pretty intuitive and I don’t feel I’ve needed training (although really appreciate the offer :grin:) and it’s nice to know it’s available.

One thing, training wise, that might be nice would be for subject specific groups to be able to live chat about topics if tutors feel the need. It could also work for tutors new to tutoring to ask questions of more experienced ones. A nightmare to organize but just a thought :joy:


Hey Kate,

Thanks for your feedback! Lovely to know that you find the features easy to use, our team do design them with ease in mind, so I shall let them know. :grinning:

Is there any training at all that you, or other tutors, would want from Tutorful? This could be on improving scores, organising repeating lessons, online lessons, etc.

Really like the live chat idea, the forum is a great place for you all to communicate and share ideas/tips but something a little bit quicker would be really cool!


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Thanks for your response :grin: I can only speak for myself but I can’t think of any Tutorful training I need (although I hope lots of new features will be added to the online classroom :grin: I keep asking…) Looking at various threads on here I suspect something like: how to craft an eye catching profile, how your metrics work and how we can use them to improve or what parents look for.

As for the tutors’ live chats I was thinking that I miss a physical workplace and the option of asking “I need to teach x, anyone got any ideas?” or observing others to stop from getting in a rut…


Hi Jess - my view would be offer the training, one thought is that I am really busy and we are all creatures of habit (at least I am) which means you get on with your teaching day on day week on week and do what you have always done. I use availability calendar but have I really explored the changes you have made - probably not. Although I could do it on my own I probably won’t until things die down in the summer. And there is an idea, offer training when exams/assessments are done when we will have fewer lessons and be prepared to offer repeats. Hope this helps Paul the History tutor


I would suggest mini videos so people can dip in and out of topics they need.

I could have done with 1-1 on the classroom when I started on it. I came very close stopping with Tutorful because of anxiety at having to use this.

I still find it incredibly stressful when I can’t explain to a young student why they can not see what I have put on the board because I don’t know why they can’t and can’t help them.

It’s the little things that eat away reputation!


I’m not sure I would want any compulsory training for using the classroom and some new features, but I think it might be nice to have some optional ones which we could dip in and out of, to get familiar with features we haven’t used yet


Hi I agree with the others - Feel that tools are pretty easy to use but lovely to know that less experienced tutors are offered support before going live.


Thank you guys so much for responding to my post, your feedback is really useful!

Absolutely, @Kate, I was thinking about some guides or videos on how to improve your repeat client score, best job applications and things like that, so good to know you think others would find those useful as well. Don’t worry, lots of new online classroom features in the pipeline. :smiley:

@Kitty and @Julia I think training videos are a great idea, so you guys can locate them when you need to, and we could get them set up for students too, so it takes away that time that you may spend teaching them how to use the classroom.

@MusketFifeandDrum that’s a really good point about the time of year for training, will definitely take that onboard!

@TeacherLette I’m so pleased that you find the tools easy!

Really appreciate the feedback everyone. :star:


I agree with this. I made great use of Nikesh’s sessions on how to use the classroom at the beginning of lockdown but the real stress has been not being able to support or troubleshoot for students when they are having issues. I appreciate the contact with the customer experience team but this generally isn’t available at the time when lessons are happening and would also involve me getting a young student to get a parent to call and then a lot of Chinese whispers about what the issue was.
Overall, I’d really love to know more about how students and parents experience the website and the classroom as I am regularly asked how to support them with using them.


My vote would be for instructional videos. Training sessions may be in depth and interactive, but personally whenever I have struggled with software I have found it much easier to load a video and study the instructions. It also helps to be able to pause whenever I want. Whenever I have had training to use software before, I struggle to remember what was actually said. During my (old) work I had to use a very confusing website on the intranet for logging things, and although there was training for it there was no way of remembering it all. I guess I generally find that the more complicated something is and the more training is needed, the more difficult it is to remember the training.

Everything is very intuitive so the amount of guidance anyone should need here should be minimal anyway.


Hi LJ, I’m glad to hear that you found Nikesh’s sessions really useful, I will be sure to pass that on to him! It sounds as though some videos or guides on how to help your students and how things look from their point of view would be useful from what you have said, so this is something we will look into!

@Dylan that’s good to know, we do currently have our FAQ guides on how to use most of the features, but videos as you have said provide that little bit more insight and gives you the ability to pause and replay. Thanks for your feedback!

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I really like the idea about guides on how to improve scores and job applications. I’d prefer guides rather than videos, but I would use either if they were available.
I’m comfortable using most of the features, but I’m not overly keen on the availability calendar. I find it a bit awkward to use when I have students from outside of tutorful, or breaks between students, as it looks like I am available when I am not. I have no idea what the solution is, but just thought it was worth popping on.
Otherwise, everything else is fantastic and I have managed to build a full time career mostly on here :smiley: so thank you for everything you do!


Hey Heather,

Thanks for getting back to me! Seems like guides are pretty popular, I think they are easier to digest than videos sometimes, so thanks for your feedback. :grinning:

I’m sorry that you find the calendar a little awkward, I’ll feed that back to our product team. It is supposed to be a general overview of your availability, but I appreciate that it could definitely be more granular and flexible!

So lovely to hear that you’re using Tutorful to manage your business, you are most welcome!!