Topic Lectures Option

It would be great if we could schedule topic lectures. So, if I booked in a lecture about a specific poem at 7pm on Thursday (for example) multiple students would be able to book in for a specific price. They could ask questions in a chat box that the teacher could go over at the end (or during, if it worked with the lesson plan).
It would work well for students that may feel that one on one can be a bit intimidating, or could be a boost for current students, and would also be a good way for students to see what teachers are like if they are unsure about whether tuition would work for them. I also find that some students just quite like the lecture format, especially high ability students.


This sounds like an intriguing idea and a way for older students (GCSE/ A level) to get a taste of the lecture format they might encounter at university.


Hi @heather, this is a really interesting idea - thank you so much for sharing and outlining how this could work! I will feed this back to the rest of the Tutorful team :slight_smile:

It’d be great to hear if other tutors and students/parents would be interested in this idea too, thanks for sharing your thoughts @KathrinS. If anyone else is reading this, please feel free to pop your thoughts below. :smiley:


I really like this idea. I would like to get involved if this goes ahead, I’m familiar with lecture-style having used it during my academic career.

It also seems like a good way to attract students on a budget and potentially people wanting to know about very specific topics.


This could also work well on particular Maths Topics as revision topic or a refresher


I like this idea, I think I would try this out!


I think that this would be really helpful for those tricky Science topics that may need more people to explain it too! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think this would be a great addition to weekly sessions with students. Especially now as we approach the busy time of assessments and exams when tutoring will be more in demand.

I like the idea of having a 1h session dedicated to a specific topic for a specific exam board e.g. AQA GCSE Physics Topic 1 - Energy. This would then attract students studying for that particular exam. It would probably involve a review of the key concepts of the topic, working through relevant exam questions and maybe spending the last 10 min doing Q&A where the students could ask questions about that particular topic.

I wonder how many students would be interested in this format. If we do end up doing it and if it becomes popular, we would need to think about an upper limit of students per session. I am not sure about the maximum number of people that can use the Tutorful classroom at the same time without compromising the quality of video and audio :thinking:


Hi all.

This is something we have thought about offering (and we actually ran a small experiment for small group classes last year). Have you tried offering these privately to any students before?


I haven’t, but it’s mainly due to the need for advertising to access more students. My current students are a big range of ages, exam boards and abilities, so it would be a case of advertising the lecture to appeal to new students, or students who didn’t want one to one, and recommending them to relevant students.


It could work well for exam prep too, for example when looking at a Psychology A Level Paper 2 guidance and group discussion on how to approach the 16 markers would be very useful. I often feel that if there was a group of students all discussing one question it would benefit them all to see how others would approach it so they are not revising in a bubble and getting stuck using the same ideas. For me, it would be more akin to a tutorial and perhaps more interactive.


I completely agree, I’ve had the same experience.

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I think that this would be a great idea! It would allow tutors like myself to help more students without taking on many extra hours. Sounds like a win-win!

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I think this a a great idea - as tutors, we tend to know those topics that are the most challenging for students… I think it would be great opportunity to provide extra support for those … :smiley:


I wasn’t 100% sure at first as I really like the 1:1 aspect of tutoring, but I having time to think I’ve changed my mind. I think I’d enjoy doing it for multiple students on certain topics and I think it’s a wonderful idea! Count me in!

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I remember that, I was going to get involved but was too busy. But I think it could make a huge difference!