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Top tips for homeschooling 🍎

The past year has been a real challenge for many of us and there have been many changes to what we’re all used to. One of those changes is that schools have regularly had to close and many children are learning at home.

Our Head of Customer Success, @Kerrie recently spoke with ITV news to share some of our top tips for homeschooling. You can watch it here or find a round up of our top tips below.

Top tips for homeschooling:

  1. Routine and structure - learning at home can bring flexibility and spontaneity to your child’s education can be a real positive, however, without a routine, a child may become distracted or lack motivation at times. We would recommend creating a basic timetable for your child to follow.

  2. Additional support - some of the concepts that children have to learn can be daunting and it can often feel difficult to keep up. Don’t worry, there is help out there. Speaking to and sharing your experiences and ideas with other parents can be a real support or you may even consider getting a tutor for your child.

  3. Encourage time away from the screen - too much screen time can lead to children feeling fatigued and demotivated. We would recommend spending some time each day away from the screen and engaging in other activities such as: reading books, exercising, arts and crafts activities or baking.

  4. Keep it fun - homeschooling can be difficult for children to adapt to and a big change from what they’re used to at school. Keeping learning fun where possible and rewarding children for their hard work can go a long way in supporting them and keeping up their motivation.

Are you currently homeschooling your children? Maybe you have some of your own tips to share or you might want to ask a question and get support from another parent. Get involved by clicking the reply button below or starting a new topic in our Parents and Students category. :slightly_smiling_face::apple: