Too much technology

Virtually all recent initiatives from Tutorful AND most of the topics discussed in the forum are about technology - new gadgets, features in the classroom etc. Absolutely nothing wrong with this but we are in the education business - not the technology business. Tutorful needs to look more at the education side of its service - maybe set up a Code of Practice for tutors (for example A level coursework should have only limited input from tutors as it is assessed … but many tutors offer this service which is wrong). There should be more focus on this type of thing. I’ve also received many attempted bribes from students to complete work for them (the last was £10,000). I report these but Tutorful (along with other agencies) should push these cases back to schools and exam boards to completely destroy this element of cheating. It is unfair on the majority who try so hard but maybe struggle


I agree. While I teach a lot online I have some very vulnerable students who need face to face teaching. Developing a clear safeguarding process would be useful. I to have been offered money to do students coursework and a standardized response would be useful.


Agree with the lack of Education chat!

On the professional conduct note, I don’t tutor A level and have never been lucky enough to get any bribes.

I think if you want tutor code of conduct you could register with the tutor association. I can’t afford to.

I think I just presume everyone working on here is an honest professional. There are policies and procedures on the website.

I think anyone doing exam level should have some kind of accountability, but what and how?


Hi Tony, thank you for sharing this feedback. It’s great to see discussion starting with other tutors around the points that you have made. :slightly_smiling_face:

We do tend to speak a lot about technology and features as we aim to constantly develop the site to make it the most effective platform it can possibly be for both our tutors and students.

Whilst some discussions in the Community so far have focussed around technology, there are topics where people are sharing resources, sharing teaching tips and speaking about other education related matters. More education related topics will be added as our Community grows.:books: I’d love to hear more ideas around what you (and other tutors and students) feel we could do better on the education side of things and I really appreciate your feedback.

Tutorful takes plagiarism or any attempt to cheat extremely seriously. We have an Academic Honesty Policy which you can read here. Tutorful reserves the right to block or suspend access to the platform to students or tutors who do not abide by this policy. We do take further action in cases where it is required.

Our stance on plagiarism is also included in our Terms and Conditions which all users agree to when using our platform.

We monitor these things carefully and immediate action is taken if there is a breach of policy. Reporting students to us, as you have mentioned, is the best thing to do in cases where students approach you for support that would breach guidelines, policy or ethical practice. As always, tutors and students are welcomed to get in touch with us directly should they have any concerns, want specific advice on a situation or even if they are a little unsure.

I feel your idea around a ‘Code of Practice’ is really interesting and having spoken to tutors about this topic previously, some have mentioned they would benefit from more guidance around how much help is allowed in different situations (e.g. proof reading, exam help etc). @musketfifeanddrum recently shared the idea of looking at exam board websites for information and guidance related to exam support which I think many will find to be really useful advice.

It’ll be interesting to hear from more tutors around what further guidance they would want relating to plagiarism and such requests from students.


Thanks Rachel

Regards plagiarism and cheating… we don’t want advice as such – what we want is action – inform schools, exam boards etc. As tutors, we don’t have this information until a meeting is set up and, for obvious reasons, we never get to this stage in these sorts of cases.


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The latest thing I have found isn’t so much bribery, it’s a university student saying they would like help with a “mock paper” that’s only available on x date and between y times. I know how the university exams are scheduled, I am not going to do your exam for or with you!

It is a shame that students feel the need to do this and ultimately will probably succeed with somebody else. How do you even police it?

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Some really nice points made here.
When I first started my most recent post at school, I was very anti-phones in lessons and I felt it would distract a lesson. Generally, this was the right call but in my opinion it was due to SMT not clamping down on inappropriate use of technology. Our new policy is to embrace the use of technology which I have warmed to especially when teaching virtual lessons at school. My philosophy on this is that technology will now become a major part of learning and we should try not to restrict if it is used successfully. I also agree that there are vulnerable students that may need support and the 1-2-1 approach can also be successful and at the school I am at I have 2 students with differing successes. One student has embraced and is completely up to date whilst the other student is the complete opposite. However, even in live lessons, the latter has found it difficult to submit work or be on task. What I have learnt in virtual classes is to know your students. Most of my lessons I will use technology to support learning, especially with learning platforms available now but there are some classes where I know this will not work and I adapt to ensure the same lesson is taught but in a different way.
My 1-2-1 lessons have generally been successful but from a 1-2-1 tutor preparing students for exams there are clearly some things that need to be done face to face e.g. sight reading, aural tests and just listening to pieces live.
As long as there is a balance between the two, I believe technology and live teaching can be done together.

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