Thread For Teachers of Musical Instruments

This thread is for any forum members who, like myself, teach a musical instrument.

I’d like to hear about the experiences of fellow tutors since the move to online-only tuition. Has it helped or hindered your chances of picking up new students? What is your experience of people mistakenly asking for in-person tuition, and if this is the case, have you been successful in persuading clients to try online tuition instead? Do you view the move to scrap in-person lessons a positive or negative?

I’d be very interested in hearing the opinions and experiences of my fellow music teachers.

As I haven’t encountered any other music tutors on the forums, I’m preparing for the tumbleweed to blow through, but all comments welcomed.


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Hi Peter,

I’ve made my profile offline on Tutorful and moved all my teaching to freelance. Tutorful made it perfectly clear that they weren’t interested in supporting music tutors, so I’m not interested in supporting Tutorful.

None of my students wanted to continue with online lessons and neither did I, so leaving Tutorful was the only valid decision for me.

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Hi Lorna,

Thanks for your reply, and good for you. I’ll be doing the same when it’s viable.

Tutorful have not only made life intolerably difficult for music teachers, but they’ve done absolutely nothing to make it clear to potential clients that in-person teaching is no longer an option - despite numerous appeals from myself and others to do something about it. I’m sure I’m one of many to have had my booking score decimated by Tutorful’s deliberate disregard for being honest with clients.

Putting the commission rate back up to 20% for absolutely nothing in return is laughable, and I’m looking forward to the day I pay them their last undeserved penny.

Another example of the shambolic way Tutorful have acted is to totally flood the site with music teachers. There are currently 256 tutors offering piano lessons on the site, and out of those, I counted 82 who haven’t even started teaching! A few months ago, there were over 310 tutors offering piano lessons, so I’d assume the 60-odd who’ve already left have done so because they couldn’t get any work.

Tutorful have made a complete mess of the whole thing in every conceivable way, and I feel especially sorry for all the newer music tutors who’ve had their time totally wasted going through hoops to join the site.

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