The increasing rate of technical problems

Has anyone else noticed that lately Tutorful have increasingly made life more difficult for tutors rather than better? Thanks to them, I have lost another potential student. The student cancelled a free video chat at the last moment. I tried to reschedule it for an hour later, then two hours later and even the following day, but again Tutorful wouldn’t allow it. I had to suggest to the student that they attempt to request the free video chat again. They informed me that Tutorful also prevented them too. I have now had to apologise to the student, explaining that Tutorful have blocked them from rescheduling.

Over the Christmas holidays, they requested that tutors change their availability over the holiday period so that their score wouldn’t be affected. They neglected to take into account that there is no provision made for this on the calendar.

I have had to move lessons to Zoom or MS Teams due the ongoing issues with the Tutorful platform.

These increasing technical problems have only began to emerge relatively recently, so it is not unreasonable for tutors and potential students to wonder what on earth is going on.

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I’ve had this happen to me before too - the system only lets you book one free video chat. If it’s cancelled or just missed or anything, you can’t make a new one.

However, I emailed tutorful and asked them to create a new booking for me - and they promptly did - so you could try that.

Thank you Joel. I did email them, but they are very often slow to respond, if they respond at all. Besides, they are only available 9 - 5.

For free video chats I suggest always try to schedule them for 2 days time.
Allowing customer to confirm with Tutorful and also to think in advance what they are gong to say in the chat.
And makes you looks busy and hence in demand as a tutor.
However students cancelling at the last moment suggests that they had already changed their mind without even talking to you. If so yes frustrating & unfair but these things happen.

Not so. You are making the assumption that a student cancelled because they weren’t really that bothered or couldn’t give a damn. Students may cancel at the last moment due to circumstances beyond their control and therefore wish to reschedule. In my case, the student wanted to reschedule for an hour later. Tutorful wouldn’t allow it. We tried 2hrs later. Still, Tutorful wouldn’t allow it. I tried to reschedule for the following day. Again, Tutorful wouldn’t allow it. I suggested that the student try at their end. Guess what? Tutorful wouldn’t allow it. All this took up a considerable amount of my time, thanks to Tutorful. By the end, the student gave up and as a result, I lost a potential client. Even if the student wanted to reschedule for another day, it eats into my time, which I may no longer have. All this chaos because Tutorful is going backwards instead of forwards.

Hi @Rocki

Thanks for your feedback and I am sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you. Currently, we can only allow one Free Video Chat per student but I do understand that they may cancel last minute due to emergency or a change in circumstances. As this is the case, I’ll be more than happy to pass your feedback over to our product team regarding this feature. If this ever happens again, please do call us on 0114 383 0989 (our office is open Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm) and we’ll be happy to book your rescheduled chat in for you.

With regard to your calendar and availability, we are currently looking at ways in which we can make this more reflective and convenient for tutors.

Any questions, please let me know!

Abbie (Tutorful)

“Allow one Free Video Chat per student?” How is that even relevant? No chat (i.e. zero) took place, so one Free Video Chat per student doesn’t make any sense. Tutorful prevented the chat from being rescheduled. As of now, Tutorful have just done it again and cancelled another Free Video Chat with another student. Thanks. Tutorful have just lost me two potential clients.

Hi @Rocki

Allowing one Free Video Chat per student is recognised by the booking and unfortunately, even if cancelled the system will still recognise this as a booking made. As I mentioned, I will pass your feedback regarding this over to our product team as we can make this process better.

As advised, we’re always happy to help in these situations and a quick call to our Customer Success team would allow us to resolve this for you.

Hi Rocki,
point taken & I have been here myself too.
My understanding has been that the system requires 4 hours notice of a video chat. That may have changed recently.

If student requests postponement before agreed start time - edit the booking asap. Software treats as single chat = allowed. If student himself cancels then the additional constraint Abbie mentions cuts in & is unfortunate - which I’d call software that needs a minor rewrite.

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It would be great if the free video chat is cancelled for the option to create one to then be reinstated. Though, that might allow tutors to book multiple free video chats if they just have one and then cancel it on the system afterwards. But what really is the problem with tutors booking multiple free video chats?

Money! If you book multiple free chats with the same student then you’re not earning anything and neither is Tutorful.

Yeah but it’s not in a tutors interest to keep doing that so it’s only in very unlikely circumstances that a tutor would, so what is the problem with it?

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At the risk of alienating myself and getting a ton of rant, Rocki I don’t agree with you. Tutorful is a good agency -, better than most. I’m not on commission and my brother isn’t the CEO. Frankly business is business and no-one will offer unlimited vids to a new prospect. At some point they have to start pumping money thru the network for everyone to earn a living.

I mean to be helpful. Maybe you share with this network a broader question about the subject, the level you’re tutoring and how you can build momentum and get the till ringing Mohan

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I generally agree with your sentiment Mohan. Tutorful has been good at dealing with functionality issues.

Speaking of which… I’ve noticed that the automatic recommendation to clients to leave a review happens after the second lesson instead of the third IF there was a free video chat.

Small thing but I do think it matters - 3 lessons is a much better opportunity to make a good impression than 2.

Personally I’d get rid of notification to clients to leave a review - what is the point of leaving a review after 3 lessons compared to at the end of the year after exams after perhaps 40-80 lessons. That’s when I ask my clients to leave their review. It’s in tutor’s interest to get themselves reviews so why not just leave it to us rather than suggest it to clients at inopportune times?

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With all due respect Mohan, you seem to have missed the point.

I can absolutely understand why only one video chat is allowed, but I think if it’s cancelled it absolutely shouldn’t count towards their ‘one allowed video chat’. I think that Rocki is right to feel angry about this issue and is right to view it on here. It is one of the things that Tutorful need to address. I will say that in their defence, they are only excellent and replying and responding to feedback, and I think eventually this will be addressed and changed.

I think, if Rocki will allow me to speak for them, that the issue being raised is not with multiple video chats, but the fact that there is no option to schedule another one if one is cancelled.

Thank you. Sorry if I seemed angry. I was just frustrated.

An additional problem to the “only one video chat” problem is if I can’t have the video chat on Tutorful then I want to have it…somewhere. So I propose with a prospective student that we have it on Zoom. Great! Only in order to have the conversation on Zoom I have to give a student details to enter my classroom which involves a string of numbers and that contravenes the filter system because it looks like a phone number and I can’t send the classroom details via email because that contravenes the filter… so it becomes impossible trying to get them onto another platform to have a video chat with them that we were unable to have in Tutorful because of the one video chat rule.

Would definitely be for being able to rearrange video chats.

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Has anyone else started having issues with the classroom not connecting?! This evening it’s shown me as not having any connection (I’ve got perfectly working internet right now) and did not show that the student was in the lesson. Vice versa for the student- she was in the lesson but it looked as though I was not. I’m going to request a refund for the student but I should be paid - it’s not my fault the classroom didn’t work. She could see the resources apparently.
Got a trial lesson coming up shortly :frowning: