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So on Tuesday my booking score was at an already low 3/10. On Tuesday I received one enquiry from an A-Level student, it was an urgent one so we booked in a lesson for the next day (yesterday) - we do the lesson, no problem.

But yesterday morning I woke up to find that my booking score had dropped to 1/10 despite the only enquiry I received during that small time period being one which I was able to book a lesson for… and I really don’t understand that.

I should say that I did reject 2 enquiries on Monday (due to availability related issues) but surely if that was going to affect my booking score then it’d have done so before Wednesday?

I guess what I’m really asking is just how the booking score algorithm works because I really don’t understand why booking a lesson has caused it to decrease.



I’m sorry to hear that your booking score has gone down recently. Booking in a lesson with a new student won’t have caused this drop in your score.

Your score is calculated by our algorithm, which takes into account your recent enquiries & how many of those that you have booked in a lesson or free video chat with. If you’ve noticed a drop in your score, it means that recently you may have had a couple of students in touch who you didn’t end up booking with.

We don’t drop the score immediately after a student messages you as we know it can take a couple of days to sort out when you’d like to have the first lesson, so if it has dropped it’s likely that within the last week you’ve had a few that you’ve not been able to book with.

It is different for every tutor as it depends on how many enquiries you’ve had recently and how many lessons you’ve booked, so if you’d like us to look into your score in more detail, please get in touch with our Customer Success Team at



My response time has shot up from 4 mins to 33 mins in the last day, and I haven’t had any new bookings as I’m offline at the moment! What is happening?


@katywilson6 I have the exact same problem although I was online. Yesterday my response time jumped from 17min to 5h (6h according to the app :open_mouth:) even though I am sure I responded to any new enquiries within 30min max. I have already contacted the Tutorful Support team so let’s hope it will get solved after the weekend. Maybe they changed how they calculate the average response time and now include more than just the few most recent ones? I used to take a whole day to respond but that was years ago…

Mine was 5 mins… now 44 mins despite no recent responses anywhere near as high as 44 mins!

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I have also found the booking score to prove problematical and have over the last six years made contacted for a response that brings any reasoning to the reduction in booking score, and are advised that it is calculated by an algorithm. I have now stopped asking as in April my booking score was reduced for the following reasons:
A student who had contacted me on several occasions on a Friday or Saturday evening, several times in a evening but did not want help with the subject I tutor (after I reported them on the system, apparently, it was a mistake and they did not realise they were asking for a lesson!). A student who wanted a specialist course I did not advertise as providing. A student who wanted me to help them write their dissertation (primary and secondary research incomplete) the following day (which I clearly had not availability for) as they had 14 days to submit. A parent who wanted a lesson within ‘the next hour and a half’, for their child, on a day that I do not work for this agency.
The list goes on …. When I made my final query in April relating to these events and booking score, I received the following response: “any reason when selecting the “I Can’t Help” option will negatively impact your scores in the same way! We ask for the reasoning so the student is informed why the tutor can’t tutor them.”
Therefore, if you keep your availability up to date, state clearly what subjects you offer, the level of subject and school year groups you work with, it all results in a negative impact on your score.

It is clearly something that needs to be addressed by Tutorful as it does effect us as tutors; we are professionals who are not employed by the agency but supply our services to their registered clients and any negative impact on our profile does effect our professionality.

thanks for the response Jess, I just feel very frustrated as I am really trying and going out my way to drag that score up but I just cannot seem to do it for whatever reason

I echo the others who say their response time has jumped up too. Mine went from “within an hour” to “within 8 hours” which I didn’t quite understand unless there’s been a recent update to how that is calculated

My score was in the minutes and is now 1 day and i’ve been offline with no new inquries the whole time - so bizzare!

Hi all,
I’m sorry to hear that some of you have experienced recent changes to your response time. I just wanted to let you know that I have reported the issue you have mentioned and I will get back to you with more information as soon as possible!

Thanks, @Rachel_Tutorful - glad someone is looking into it!

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I have noticed this effect in response times. If I accept a lesson request within a couple of minutes, and write back to the student an hour or 3 later. The clock continues to run until I have written.

However, this is not necessarily a glitch - This would be a highly logical way to design the system (although it was counterintuitive to me at the time)

@katywilson6 @AnnaDuncanScience @JoeL @Basmati64 @katie @Philip

Hi all, just an update - sorry for any issues that a change in response time may have caused. A fix has now been put in place for this and you should notice your response time go back to where it should be very soon, by tomorrow at the latest! :sunny:


Thank you, Rachel - much appreciated! :slight_smile:


I can confirm it’s already worked! My response time is back to <1h :partying_face: Thank you Rachel for dealing with it so promptly!


Great news! :tada: Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

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Mine too! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Mine went up to 18 hours and I am offline too, and only hear from current or previous students. It does annoy me that when we give perfectly valid reasons as to why we cannot take on a student, let alone the fact that they have not replied to several follow-up emails, that the impact is shown in this score.

Mine too. Despite being offline, my time went from 12 minutes to 2 hours.

Hi @KayleighD @priya , there was an issue with response time yesterday but this was resolved so you should now notice your response time back to where it was prior to any change noticed yesterday! :slight_smile:

With regards to the booking score Kayleigh, I would recommend getting in touch with our Customer Success team if you feel your score has been unfairly impacted so that we can support you further with your individual account. :sparkles:

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Thanks @Rachel_Tutorful. It has gone back to 12 minutes.