Teaching World History

Hello, fellow historians!

This is my first year teaching full-time and so, naturally, I’ve been evaluating my progress at the moment and thinking about plans for next year. I’ve realised that a real weakness of mine is that I get a bit too wound up with European and American history. In a way, this is natural, since I never really had many opportunities to study world history at school and so, when using my own experiences for inspiration when deciding what topics to teach, I’ll overlook a good 70% of the world.

I was wondering whether anyone else had experience teaching history that goes beyond the Euro-and-America-centric norm. I’ve started teaching the medieval Islamic world with my Year 7s, linking it into my normal lessons on the Crusades. Apart from that, I’m struggling a bit!

Thanks, everyone! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

All the best,

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