Teaching union and insurance

Hi, just wondering if anyone is a member of a teaching union as a tutor? I haven’t cancelled my membership since leaving teaching and becoming a tutor but my union suggested it might still be useful. They also suggested I might need some insurance as a private tutor as the union membership won’t cover this. Does anyone have any experience of this?

I’m a member of the tutor association, I haven’t explored what they offer in detail but I have attended some good webinars from them. Membership is £99 annually I believe (don’t quote me!).

I have always had professional indemnity and public liabaility and its around £15 per month, well worth it for the safety net it offers.

Thank you Alice. I’ll look into those.

Alice that’s interesting to know. Does anyone on here do purely online tutoring? If so, I wonder whether the insurance for online work is as relevant? It sounds very costly, and I only have a few students currently…I do online and phone work in another capacity too (not tutoring) and that already felt expensive at around £80 per year…I might just ask that company if they can do a tutoring add-on for me.

I’ve always wandered about that as well becuase I also only tutor online. I didn’t think I needed it because I never go into anyones home and they don’t come to mine. Be interested if anyone can sell me the need to liability insurance for only tutuoring online.

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Jane - that’s very true. In my other work there are still potential risks even online, but in tutoring it is so hard to come up with risks when doing it purely online.

I have public liability as a residual from pre covid but as I still see one student in their home weekly I have kept it up.

Professional indemnity covers you for legal fees and the like should a parent ever want to take you to court!