Teaching group classes

I would really like to teach online EFL (English as a foreign language) classes to a group of students. I already do this for the Home Office (teaching refugees), but I would like to do it independently with my own clients. It would be good if there was a page that you could advertise your online classes and charge a smaller fee per person. I have never used Tutorful’s virtual classroom and don’t know if it is suitable for group classes but if not, tutors could use other platforms like Zoom.


Hi @Twiglet78, thank you for sharing this idea! I have passed on your thoughts to the rest of the Tutorful Team for consideration.

It’d be interesting to hear if other tutors would be interested in being able to offer group classes, too.

Recently, we have had a few other ideas shared along these lines, those being topic lectures and live lessons. I think there are some differences between the three ideas, mainly how the audience/purpose would differ. It’s really great to hear all of these thoughts! :sparkles:

Thanks again for sharing :slight_smile:

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Yes @Rachel_Tutorful

I never realised how many models of tutoring there were!

I am looking to expand my business and really have no idea how. These are interesting thoughts and it would be great to work with Tutorful on them.

I like the idea of group sessions, for me they could be no more than 3 for various reasons, and would love to try and put some mini courses together. Maybe I could work with @JoeL for resources?

What about summer school?