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Student Details Section Gone?

Has anybody else found that they cannot access the student details page since the new message thread update? I know we can still bring up their contact details by clicking on the little i in the corner, but I can no longer access a list of just that student’s completed/upcoming/cancelled lessons. Thankfully that section still works on the app, but it is frustrating having to scroll through all of my lessons just to look a one student’s upcoming classes or completed classes, etc.


I noticed this too. I needed it to find out when I wanted to know when I last saw a particular returning student. My duplicate paper diary was quicker to search - but still tedious work for a couple of minutes.


Hi @Lewis and @Philip,

I hope you’re well. Sorry for any frustration caused by this. As you have both mentioned, you’re able to filter lessons for each student by going to your lessons tab on the app!

However, this feature has been removed from the desktop version as a result of our messaging board update. I have fed this back to our product team as something to hopefully reintroduce to our tutor’s dashboards.

Best wishes,

Yes, I’ve noticed this too! I used to find it really useful. I use Tutorful on Desktop 99% of the time and really miss being able to look at all of the lessons for a particular student in one place.

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