Share control in classroom

Ever since Zoom began charging for more than 40mins, it has been very frustrating to end and restart classes in the remaining 10mins. It seems pointless to have a lesson where the student has no contol to answer questions that require interaction and they have no option to demonstrate an answer. MS Teams “Give control” option only works on certain computers if you have the right specs. Is there any chance that Tutorful will include a “Give control” option in their classroom?

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Hi Rocki,

Thank you for your feedback, screen share is an area we are currently working on improving so I will definitely look into this as I know others have also requested something very similar.

Right now, it’s only basic improvements of screen share but this is something we’d like to build on so you’re feedback is much appreciated! :star2:

I will keep you updated once we look into growing this feature, would be great to hear your thoughts on what we come up with!

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The Zoom thing is super annoying, I’ve had to buy a subscription in the end.

Yeah, Zoom is a scam. It also has major security and privacy issues.

oh really?? I wasn’t aware of this